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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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Pullman Police Departments $114,974 grant will also be used to support WSU PD and Moscow PD.

Pullman police receive grant for mental health resources

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen reporter October 25, 2021

The Pullman Police Department received a $114,974 grant to improve its mental health resources for officers.  Pullman PD will use the grant to form crisis and medical incident response teams, Pullman...

International students desperate for help

International students desperate for help

GAYATHRI KRISHNAMOORTHY, Evergreen columnist October 20, 2021

A 2018 survey published by the journal Nature of over 2,200 graduate students across numerous countries, institutions and fields of study shows that “graduate students are over six times more likely...

CHS hosts virtual Real Talk Thursdays

CHS hosts virtual Real Talk Thursdays

CALLIE GERBER October 13, 2021

Cougar Health Services is hosting Real Talk Thursdays this semester through Zoom from 1:30-2 p.m. The Oct. 14 Real Talk Thursday’s topic is “let’s take a mid-semester breather,” according to...

Feeling overwhelmed these days? Ask Emma may be able to help.

Ask Emma: I am so overwhelmed. Can you help?

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor September 30, 2021

Dear Emma, I am overwhelmed. Like, so overwhelmed I can’t even describe how overwhelmed I am. My classes, two jobs and relatively non-existent personal life are making me super stressed. I feel on...

Violators of this new declaration will be subject to community service, finally giving them a chance to do something actually helpful.

SATIRE: U.S. government declares giving unsolicited advice illegal

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist September 30, 2021

Last month, in the wake of being told by a fellow senator to try doing yoga stretches to “help his lack of a backbone,” Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell proposed a new bill that would make giving out...

Anyone who is concerned about a student or other WSU affiliate can submit a referral through the Student Care Network.

Network provides resources for students

CALLIE GERBER September 30, 2021

Faculty, staff and others can refer anyone they are concerned about to the Student Care Network, a program designed to provide resources for WSU students. Students can exhibit a variety of behaviors...

Students who need crisis support outside of normal business hours can call the 24-hour crisis support hotline at 509-335-2159.

Help is available for students through 24-hour crisis line

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen reporter September 28, 2021

WSU’s 24-hour crisis support hotline specializes in helping students who are facing mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and other psychological dilemmas — with call takers answering over...

Freshman Norah Dacy enjoys dorm life, but on-campus living can take a toll on others mental health.

Dorm residents’ access to mental health resources dismal

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen columnist September 27, 2021

Living in residence halls can be a positive experience for so many people. Residence halls have helped bring together lifelong best friends; dorm living can foster community and overall enhance your college...

CAPS and Palouse River Counseling offer mental health resources for students who are struggling with anything, including the recent shooting in Pullman.

Pullman mental health resources help students following shooting

CALLIE GERBER September 27, 2021

For students struggling with the shooting that occurred over the weekend — or anything else — there are mental health professionals available to help. CAPS The first step at Counseling and Psychological...

Tawn Christians adopted Apollo after being approved for an emotional support animal and found that he helped xir through some dark parts of xir life.

The riptide we call depression

SANDI KOBIESA, Managing editor September 23, 2021

When you’re in a riptide in the ocean, when you try to swim directly against it, it will pull you deeper. When you swim sideways and parallel with the current, you can escape it.  Residential...

The battle against mental illness and eating disorders can be exhausting, but its a fight worth having.

Journey to self-love, self-acceptance

SANDI KOBIESA, Managing editor September 23, 2021

“Oh my gosh, did you lose weight? You look amazing!” Indeed I did lose weight. But not in a healthy way.  Hi, my name is Sandi, and I am a survivor and fighter of an eating disorder caused...

Saving a life can be done in many ways: embracing them, listening to them and reminding them how loved and beautiful they are.

Remember to say ‘I love you’

LOREN NEGRON, Evergreen editor-in-chief September 23, 2021

Editor's note: This story was originally published on Spokane FaVS. It took only three words to save a life. “I love you.” September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. As I reflect...

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