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Ask Life: How to manage a busy schedule?

Planners, academic resources can help you
There are many resources available for de-stressing your life.

Dear Life Section,

I am so busy this semester, and I am not sure how to manage it. I have a full schedule and a part-time job, but I want to maintain a social life alongside that. But, now that it is a couple of weeks into the school year, it seems to look like managing all three at once is going to be extremely difficult. I cannot quit my job and I cannot drop any classes. What should I do to make my life less stressful?




Dear Too-Stressed-to-Manage,

I absolutely feel you! I have a full course load, work at least 15 hours a week and have a couple of other extracurricular activities, all while trying to maintain a social life. It is definitely a lot, but as a senior, I have had many trial-and-error experiences with managing my schedule.

I’m sure you have heard too many people telling you to use a planner. I would agree that planners are very helpful, but physical planners are not always for everyone, especially me.

For the past year or so, I have been using a free online planner called Notion, which has helped me so much more than any paper planner I have used since I have been to college.

There are so many different templates to use, including class schedules, work schedules and so much more. These templates are helpful if you are trying to separate your work, class and social calendar.

Personally, I have put both my work and class assignments under the “Course Schedule” template because it helps me see everything I need to do that week. And while it looks like a lot sometimes, it’s not, and it feels amazing to mark those assignments as complete.

That is also just what I have found works best for me. Notion has so many options to help you personalize your planner, so try it out and make it yours.

Outside of just an online planner, there are so many resources you can use on campus if you need help with any overwhelming days.

For starters, the Counseling Services at WSU are right on campus, so you can even make an appointment if you have an hour or two in between classes and are feeling too stressed or overwhelmed. You also get your first six sessions free on campus.

But, if you are looking for other options off campus, there are a few counseling offices on the Palouse, some with in-person openings and others that are fully remote.

While therapy is not for everybody, it is an option if you are looking for someone to talk to and vocalize how you are feeling about your long days and weeks.

You can also find multiple resources within your specific major or college. Personally, I think I took too long to find the resources within my major and I highly regret not using them earlier.

These resources can include academic and resume help, as well as locations on campus to study and meet other students in your major. Most colleges I have seen send out a weekly or biweekly newsletter with these resources, so check your email for those.

I hope this helps, and I hope the rest of your semester goes smoothly!


The Life Section

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