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A WSU researcher tested the effects sleep has on rats that are exposed to trauma.

Increasing sleep may reduce fear-associated memories from trauma

MICHELLE PAREDES STRONG, Evergreen reporter November 4, 2020

In a new study, researchers looking to ease the adverse effects after trauma used a light technique to manipulate sleep-promoting neurons in rat brains, which in return, eases adverse effects after trauma. The...

It is difficult to say who will win the presidential election because of the low emotional response from undecided voters. The winner will depend on which candidate made a subconscious impact on undecided voters.

Undecided voters had few responses to presidential debates, study shows

BRADLEY GAMBLE, Evergreen reporter October 30, 2020

A study found that voters supporting President Donald Trump had stronger emotional responses to the presidential debates than undecided voters and supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Trump...

Roberta O’Connor, associate professor in WSU’s Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, extracts shipworms from wood in the Philippines. Shipworms contain bacteria that produce useful compounds for drugs.

Bacterial compound may treat entire class of parasites

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen deputy news editor July 3, 2020

A compound produced by bacteria in shipworms may help WSU researchers create a drug treatment for a class of parasites called apicomplexans.  “This is the only drug we know of that targets this whole...

Walkability is correlated to a person’s likelihood of living to 100 years old, according to a study conducted by WSU researchers.

Environment, neighborhood characteristics affect people’s longevity, researchers say

CHERYL AARNIO, Evergreen reporter July 1, 2020

Factors such as neighborhood walkability and socioeconomic status are correlated to a person’s likelihood of living to 100 years old, according to a study conducted by WSU researchers.  It is more...

Hollow cells in the xylem have pits that allow water to move from roots to shoots. MAP20 is a protein that helps regulate pit architecture.

Plant protein may help researchers understand drought resilience

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen deputy news editor June 29, 2020

By knocking down the concentration of a protein called MAP20 in plant cells, WSU researchers determined cells with less MAP20 are less likely to recover from drought, providing insight into the function...

Researchers from WSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Duke University are utilizing 3D chips to develop a new computing framework.

WSU researchers receive grant for new computing system design

BRADLEY GAMBLE, Evergreen reporter June 26, 2020

The National Science Foundation gave WSU and Duke University researchers a three-year grant to develop a new computing framework, which will use 3D chips to increase the efficiency of computing and communication.  Partha...

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