The last course: best place to get dessert

From staff reports

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For the last three years, Sweet Mutiny has served the public as the go-to place when locals are itching to satisfy their sweet tooth needs.

Manager and Head Baker Rachel Schad said the shop has really become the central spot for students and families. In the evenings, lots of students come in with their friends, she said. It’s a good place to wind down and enjoy sweet treats, she said.

As a family-run business, the shop strives to create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, Schad said. They have a party room where they host birthday parties and baby showers.

“It’s great to see the awe and wonder in the kids’ eyes when parents bring them in and they try their first bite of cake or ice cream,” she said.

Frozen yogurt and cupcakes are Sweet Mutiny’s staple desserts. Its eight flavors are a huge hit, including classic vanilla and chocolate – which is sugar-free and dairy-free – and the crowd-pleaser cake batter flavor, Schad said.

Sweet Mutiny’s cupcakes, however, are a treat all their own. With more than 100 different cupcake flavors, and counting, that change daily, it’s no wonder Sweet Mutiny won best place to get dessert. Bakers are always conjuring up new flavor ideas for their cupcakes, Schad said.

“We (bakers) want to offer everything that we are capable of creating,” she said. “Always staying fresh and letting the creativity define who we are.”

Even though they have many different flavors, from strawberry rhubarb cobbler to the classic vanilla cake, their “Crimson and Grey” cupcake is what Sweet Mutiny is all about, Schad said. A traditional red velvet cupcake with thick cream cheese frosting is the shop’s best-seller.

However, Sweet Mutiny isn’t confined to just frozen yogurt and cupcakes. They want to offer everything they are capable of creating, Schad said. They make special orders that consist of cookies, cake pops, brownies and more, sometimes even doing wedding cakes. All their products are made fresh every morning. Quality is their No. 1 objective, Schad said.

“We are honored to be nominated for best place to get dessert,” she said.

Reporting by Amberlynne Umayam