Students value flexibility in their fitness: Best fitness class

From staff reports

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As its popularity grows nationwide, WSU has named yoga as its favorite fitness class.

Yoga has become the most popular fitness class at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) due to its relaxing atmosphere and focus on personal strength.

“It’s super relaxing because they dim the lights. At the same time, there is a lot of strength training,” said Jordan Vuong, SRC membership attendant. “All the classes are based on personal level, so you only go as hard as you want.”

Due to yoga’s popularity, the SRC offers classes throughout the day and maintains an enthusiastic staff of yoga instructors.

“All the staff are really great. They’re kind and inclusive, and I felt comfortable having them instruct me,” Vuong said.

For those who are hesitant to sign up for a full session of classes, the SRC offers one-time passes so participants can try out a class.

Vuong said that the best time to try out a class is during the first and last weeks of the semester, known as Demo Week and Sweat the Stress Week, respectivley.

Reporting by Ali Smith