Taqueria Las Torres: Great place to get delicious, cheap food near campus

Since school is back in person, Taqueria Las Torres Food Truck is great spot for $1 tacos on Tuesdays



Be prepared to wait in a long line before getting tacos on Tuesdays.

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

As I have been going through college, one of the primary things I can relate with people on and bond over is the love of food. This is not helped, unfortunately, by the hole in my pocket that perpetually seems to be leaking money.

I also know not everyone is living on campus or has access to RDA. Some make their own food at home or go out instead of using on-campus dining options. I decided to fulfill both of those criteria on this week’s review of a good spot to eat around Pullman.

If you are traveling north on Grand Avenue, just nestled under what looks like a nearly abandoned building, you will see Taqueria Las Torres. This food truck with a tent pavilion was previously accompanied by a long line of people before the pandemic. There are a number of parking spots beside the truck, though the location makes it easily accessible by walking or biking from campus.

The food truck has a pretty big variety of food to choose from. But if I am entirely honest, I haven’t tried much on the menu. The event that draws a majority of people to the restaurant, and the main reason I go, is $1 Taco Tuesdays.

There are three different types of tacos you can choose from, denoting the type of meat you will get on it. These include chicken, fried pork, and marinated pork. I would recommend any of them. You won’t be disappointed, especially with such a cheap price.

I have been able to turn a nice $12 into enough tacos to be called more than a satisfying dinner. The truck is open 11-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Though if you are going for the $1 tacos on Tuesday, I would anticipate a wait time. A lot of people want to take advantage of the cheap price, so the line is usually long. Bringing a group of friends will help pass the time and provide some company along with the food. Sometimes there are even very cute dogs there!

There are other menu items available if tacos aren’t appealing to you. Many people get the corn in a cup or a refreshing Jarritos soda to go along with their food, but feel free to explore their menu.

You can get the food to go and eat it elsewhere. But in order to accommodate the growing number of students in Pullman, there are a few places you can sit and eat.

As the weather begins to get colder, I would recommend visiting Taqueria Las Torres sooner rather than later. Bring some friends with you, either walking or carpooling down to the truck on Grand Avenue.

If you make your way there on a $1 Taco Tuesday night, you might see me there! Just don’t question the 15 tacos I am going to be eating.