Andy Grammer returns ‘Back Home’

Performance by Andy Grammer opens up first college football weekend



Andy Grammer performs “Honey, I’m Good” on Sept. 3 at Beasley Coliseum in Pullman.

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Andy Grammer performed a number of his songs on Sept. 3. at Beasley Coliseum, drawing in Cougs, young and old.

Played at every home football game alongside its accompanying video, Grammer’s song “Back Home” is naturally a big hit with many Cougs. Fans often put their arms around each other and sing along as highlights of WSU football flash across the big screen, culminating in loud cheers when the Cougar logo is shown on the Space Needle.

WSU junior Allie Stevens was excited to go to the concert. She said knew almost all of Grammer’s songs and was looking forward to hearing the song that has become so synonymous with WSU.

“I know all the lyrics,” Stevens said. “We are in Pullman so it makes it kinda special.”

Other popular songs from Grammer include “Fine by Me,” “Keep Your Head Up” and “Honey, I’m Good.” Grammer released his fourth and most recent album, “Naive,” back in July 2019, which landed 29th on the Billboard charts.

In June, Grammer released his newest song “Lease on Life,” which serves as a preview for his fifth studio album. This song marks Grammer’s 10-year debut in music.

Grammer performs a mixture of country and pop music that has earned him a top 10 spot on the Billboard charts in 2015. Grammer has been making and producing music since his debut in 2011.

WSU junior Monya Gili-Steyn said she was happy everyone was getting pumped for the event and that it was something to do in Pullman. Despite the small size of the town as a potential venue, Andy Grammer has regularly come to Pullman to perform.

Andy Grammer is well recognized throughout the music world, receiving numerous awards and making a number of TV appearances. The last time Grammer was in Pullman to perform was in 2018 when he held a concert in Beasley Coliseum during Dad’s Weekend.

COVID-19 has complicated holding large events in Pullman. The Macklemore concert that was scheduled for April 2020, which was delayed due to the pandemic, is a good example of this. The Andy Grammer concert marks one of the larger events to be held in Pullman since COVID-19 began.

Initially, Sophomore Kasen Anagnostopoulos said he did not want to go to the concert but was convinced by his girlfriend. He ended up enjoying the concert, despite not being the music he usually listened to. The smaller setting of Pullman gave the concert a certain charm that a larger venue couldn’t have matched.

“I really liked the encore at the end, performing ‘Back Home’ for a second time,” Anagnostopoulos said. “It made for a really good time and got the crowd really excited as well. The concert was better than I expected, and I enjoyed it.”

This was echoed by WSU sophomore Annabelle Parks, who loved the songs that were played. Singing along with her boyfriend, fellow Cougs and Andy Grammer himself made the night really special. Already a fan of Grammer, seeing him sing in concert made for a good experience.

The first large event of the 2021 fall semester was a success in Pullman. We just now have to wait until the next time Andy Grammer comes “Back Home.”