Letter from the editor: Evergreen tackles suicide prevention, mental health

‘Ending the Stigma’ edition running Sept. 23; submissions for writing, art open Sept. 16-21



Editor-in-chief Loren Negron (left) and Managing Editor Sandi Kobiesa (right) plan for next week’s edition.

LOREN NEGRON, Evergreen editor-in-chief

September is Suicide Prevention Month. This month is about raising awareness, spreading hope and ending stigmas surrounding suicide and mental health.

As I reflected on this month’s theme, I worked with Managing Editor Sandi Kobiesa to tackle a project promoting awareness on suicide prevention and mental health. Stories have power, and I believe we as a newsroom can help make an impact by covering stories relating to these topics.

Next week’s edition will be titled “Ending the Stigma.” As part of this edition, we will cover a variety of stories ranging from mental health resources to features on those who have struggled with mental health and suicide. We will also have stories on student-athletes and crisis management, as well as photo essays.

Some Evergreeners will be sharing their stories relating to mental health and suicide. As reporters, sometimes our own personal stories are muted or hidden. We spend most of our time listening to others and writing people’s stories. This opportunity will give Evergreen staff a chance to give light to their stories and encourage readers.

In addition, the public can submit their own writings and artwork relating to mental health and suicide prevention. Submissions are open Sept. 16-21. If interested, please submit your writings or artwork to [email protected]. We are planning to feature those submissions on our print edition and website.

If you would like to share your mental health story and would be willing to be interviewed, contact me at [email protected].

I highly encourage all of you to grab a copy of our “Ending the Stigma” edition next week. Read the stories and share them, and I hope the stories we write can encourage you and your loved ones.