Seven ways to combat phone addiction

Staring at phone all day can leave you feeling yucky; reconnect with real world, find fulfilling happiness



Be careful not to get sucked into your phone and all it has to offer.


In the past, I would often use social media for brainless entertainment. I would be on TikTok scrolling for a few hours. I would see people traveling the world or completing extreme home makeovers. After browsing different platforms, I always felt the same: bad about myself. It would leave me feeling ashamed because I wasn’t out doing those things. Why? Because these apps were showing me extremes that were often not attainable to the typical person. 

I decided instead of using social media for entertainment, I would use it to learn. I deleted TikTok and started following Instagram accounts in areas I wanted to learn more about: film, eco-friendly methods, art and other related interests. I did this when I felt TikTok no longer boosted my mood. 

I made an extreme change, but you do not have to make such a drastic leap when it comes to social media. Here are some tips to help limit your screen time:

Turn off notifications

Turn off all notifications from social media apps. This will remove the temptation of clicking on an app in order to check the notification, which could lead to hours of scrolling. 

Track your usage 

After using a certain app, write down how long you use it for. This will make you realize how often you are using social media and you might be surprised. 

Set time limits

Set time goals, such as 30 minutes. If you have to set a timer, that’s OK! You can reduce your time goals each day of the week until you are not using social media often. 

Find new hobbies

If you have free time, use it to explore new activities. Sign up for new clubs and reach out in your community to people that have similar interests as you. 

Clean your phone 

If you have apps you don’t use often, delete them. Not only will this reduce storage, but will also eliminate apps that are floating around on your phone. 

Remove the temptation 

Place your phone in a spot away from your bed or desk. Make sure you do not try to use your phone for 20 minutes before sleeping. If you are studying, place it in a different location. 

 Don’t use it as a emotional clutch 

If you are struggling with your mood, do not go on social media. It might worsen your mindset and will not help you get out of your poor emotional state. Some accounts that I follow myself to help with my low times are @the_depression_chronicles11, @dlcanxiety and @letstalk.mentalhealth.