Crimson Group in process of becoming ASWSU committee 

Group will now appeal to Internal Committee for establishment


ASWSU senators approved to refer the Crimson Group to the Internal Committee, where they could be established as an ASWSU programming committee. 

The Crimson Group is a student group under Undocumented Initiatives, according to the Undocumented Initiatives website. The group supports and advocates for undocumented students by hosting various social events like conferences and websites. 

Crimson Group co-chair Maritay Mendoza-Quiroz said they try to be aware of immigration policies in the U.S.

“We also try to keep a safe and welcoming space for everyone, and we empower students to make a positive impact on campus,” Mendoza-Quiroz said.

Becoming an ASWSU programming committee would offer stability to the club, club adviser Marena Guzman said. Money from ASWSU could also go toward travel fees for students who want to advocate for and find their voice in different areas.

Mendoza-Quiroz said fundraising events hosted by the club sometimes do not go well, and they do not make a good sum of money.

ASWSU Senate Pro Tempore Katie Carstens discussed the idea of the Senate funding the materials for the events. She said this would allow the group to have more money for scholarships and emergency funds.

Senator Daniela Carvajal Macias said she has attended a few Crimson Group meetings. 

“Not everybody who does go is undocumented, so having that allyship and also having these workshops … are important,” Carvajal Macias said. “It’s definitely a benefit to this school, especially since there are a lot of people who don’t know what it’s like to be undocumented.”

After the Senate approved to refer the Crimson Group to the Internal Committee, senators gave their reports and announcements.

Senator Nikolai Sublett said he wants to begin planning a sexual assault prevention convention. 

Sublett said he plans to meet with the director of university affairs to advocate for a universal syllabus and a separate resource packet so that everything is not in the syllabi. 

Carstens said she is concerned about the attendance policy in the syllabi of her classes. 

She said it may be a good idea to speak with the Faculty Senate about keeping their colleagues accountable and ensuring that when students are sick, there are no negative repercussions.

I have had many teachers actually say that even if you’re sick, you can’t be excused,” Carstens said. “You only have a certain amount. And I feel like that’s a theme, and I do not think that’s OK, especially because we are still living through a pandemic.”

Some classes have a limit of five absences, Carstens said. For a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday class, a student would already reach that five absence limit within a week and a half of being sick.