New ASWSU Election Board chair confirmed 

Appointee wants to raise voting rates on campus by 15-20%


ASWSU senators voted to confirm Viviana Murillo Rangel for the position of Election Board chair during their meeting Wednesday. 

Murillo Rangel, junior finance and accounting major, said she is a second-year mentor for the Chicanx Latinx Student Center and a secretary for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán.

Outside of those duties, Rangel said she is involved in the Carson EDGE Program and has volunteered for the Children of Aztlan Sharing Higher Education (CASHE) conference. 

Murillo Rangel has never held a student government position, but she said she is organized, “always ready for a challenge” and enjoys planning. 

The Election Board exists to ensure the ASWSU election process is transparent and inclusive, according to the ASWSU website

Last year, 8.5% of undergraduate students voted in the ASWSU election, according to a Daily Evergreen article. Murillo Rangel’s goal this semester is to raise voting rates on campus by 15-20%. 

 To raise these rates, Murillo Rangel said she plans on tabling, visiting classrooms with many students and participating in a general involvement around campus.

Before Murillo Rangel spoke, ASWSU leaders updated the Senate about their activities and upcoming events.

Ella Kisor, director of academic affairs, said she is working with the Academic Success and Career Center to release an adviser satisfaction survey that will go out in February. To increase participation, Kisow said they would like to help sponsor the survey and offer raffle prizes.

Director of Safety Nuthaphol Ongpituk said the ASWSU Department of Health and Safety is planning a CPR certification event for students.

The Department of Health and Safety wants to plan a food drop-off event for students who test positive for COVID-19 because about 37% of WSU students rely on the food pantry, Ongpituk said. They would partner with the food pantry and recruit volunteers to drop off food.