Bite of the Palouse: worth the wait, worth the weight 

Moscow’s ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Ultimate All Arounder 



Chicken friend steak, fried eggs and a lemon poppy seed pancake, oh my!

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Rarely do restaurants live up to all the hype surrounding it.

I heard near-mythical tales of the Moscow restaurant known as The Breakfast Club. Located on Main Street, the local eatery is popular throughout the Palouse.

After finally making my way to the restaurant, I can earnestly say, without a single reservation, that The Breakfast Club earns every bit of hype surrounding it.

Perhaps you have already tried to go to The Breakfast Club, maybe you made the trip to Moscow during the recent Family Weekend. If you did, you will certainly have run into one major problem, the horrendously long wait times. While I am glad a local restaurant is doing well, waiting over an hour and a half for breakfast food just isn’t in the cards for me.

The popular eatery does not take reservations and requires your whole party to be present to seat you. With such a long wait, I advise you to come as early as you can stomach; the restaurant opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 2 p.m.

Even though we were only hoping for a table for two and came early, we still had a significant wait.

Stay with me though; I need to deal with a few bad things about the restaurant before I gush about everything else. One of my only other complaints was the lack of room to wait for a table – I felt as if I was in a sardine can.

Eventually, we were shown to our table, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant. Most busy restaurants are loud, but the tables of The Breakfast Club were far enough away to keep the din at a pleasant volume.

The menu was extensive, and I was immediately blown away by two prominent themes: how inexpensive it was and how many options there were. Most of the options were easily affordable for college students, and there was something to fit nearly everyone’s taste.

Our party ordered a huge variety of food, although we barely scraped the tip of the iceberg. I got chicken fried steak, two fried eggs and a poppy seed lemon-flavored pancake. My mom ordered the stuffed french toast and coffee.

If you were under the misconception that I was going to give a bad review of the restaurant at this point, I can easily dispel that notion.

This is the best breakfast I have had on the Palouse, hands down.

Despite never waking up to go get a meal at the dining hall, I absolutely love breakfast. I usually get the exact same thing, which I ordered at The Breakfast Club since it is consistent and delicious. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that I am a breakfast aficionado.

So that is why, total stranger, you can trust me when I say The Breakfast Club lives up to the hype. Huge portions for the price and food that will make you wish for seconds. Personally, I loved the way they cooked my chicken fried steak and the pancake was a surprise hit.

My mom loved her stuffed french toast, and after trying a bit myself, I concurred. Her only complaint was the coffee, which seems consistent with what we read about the restaurant.

Everything besides the long wait at The Breakfast Club was absolutely wonderful. Overall, it was a great experience. It checked all the boxes that I look for in a restaurant – prices, service, food and atmosphere.

If you are planning on going to The Breakfast Club, I urge you to plan ahead. Check to see if any events are happening in the area, such as a football game or parent weekend beforehand. I would hate for you to go and be saddled with a three-hour wait. If you have a big party, go as early as you can.

Grab some friends, grab a couple of bucks and get ready to have some of the best breakfast you have eaten on the Palouse.