Parts of campus evacuated amid second bomb threat


CODY COTTIER | The Daily Evergreen

A WSU police car parked outside Stimson Hall, which was evacuated and cordoned off following the second bomb threat to the building in three days.


A bomb threat to Stimson Hall forced the evacuation of buildings on the south side of campus for the second time this week.

Police found the bomb threat to be unsubstantiated, and WSU officials will continue to investigate, according to a WSU alert. Officials asked students to avoid the areas surrounding Stimson Hall and Owen Library for most of Thursday afternoon and evening.

He said they received a threat early Thursday morning saying there was a bomb or device in Stimson Hall. The threat also implied there were other devices elsewhere on campus, but did not specify where. The threat came with a “deadline” of 2 p.m.

Early Tuesday morning, swastikas were found etched in the wall in a stairway in Stimson Hall with the word bomb and a time. Police determined that threat to be unsubstantiated as well, and ask students with information on either threat to come forward.

Weiler said they also received a bomb threat a couple weeks ago, before classes started, and found another bomb threat written on a dry-erase board in Stimson on Wednesday night. He would not specify in what mode they received the threat today, but said it was different from any of the others.

He said he did not know if there was any connection between previous threats and this one.

“It certainly would be a strong coincidence if it was not related,” Weiler said, “but I don’t know for certain.”
The search concluded at 7:30 p.m. and students were allowed to return to the residence hall.

Reporting by Rebecca White,  Jessica Zhou and Cody Cottier