Bite of the Palouse: O-Ramen knocks it out of the park

Somebody needs to stop me, my wallet can’t take it anymore


Ramen for almost any pallet, and great experience for any diner

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

If I won the lottery and was stuck in Pullman, I could very easily have O-Ramen  every day.

Already this article is a cry for help from my wallet for spending way too much money there, but after trying everything on the menu I can earnestly say I am an expert.

The short answer: O-Ramen is delicious and you need to go right now, whether it is for the delicious food with fresh ingredients, or for the homemade noodles out of their new noodle machine!

O-Ramen is located in the heart of downtown Pullman, down the street from My Office Bar and Grill and Pups and Cups Cafe. Like most things in our wonderful town, it is within walking distance from most areas but also comes equipped with a decently sized parking lot right next to it.

This popular spot has implemented tableside ordering; simply scan the QR code at your table, and you can begin building your meal through a tab system. While the ordering system is a great way to reduce any lines forming I have to prevent myself from indulging in it and ordering more food sometimes.

Let us talk ramen.

O-Ramen can pride itself on offering a wide variety of ramen to fit the taste of any customer who comes in. Want seafood-based ramen, the Shio is the one for you, and for a chicken base or pork base, try the Shoyu or Tonkotsu respectively. There is even a vegan option and one of my favorite offerings, the Jake’s Bowl.

Importantly, the ramen tastes delicious! Each has a distinct flavor and a full-bodied taste that is hard to beat, and they are just the right size to fill you up. If you want to customize your bowl the staff is really good about substitutions and dietary restrictions!

Ramen is not your thing? Do not fret, there are tons of options to enjoy. Try the poke, gyoza or Kagaare for extra variety or something to share with your friends over a bowl of ramen. The spicy poke will be especially good on the upcoming hot summer days and I would recommend it to anyone.

For my friends over 21, there are a variety of alcoholic options to go with your meal. These range from wine and beer to a whole selection of sake. If you do not know much about Japanese drinks, then the staff are happy to help you choose one that you will actually enjoy.

My personal favorite is the Gokai Junmai Cup, but make sure to find one that fits your taste! If sake is not tailored for your palette then the Sapporo Beer also goes well with most of the ramen I have found.

And of course, if you cannot drink alcohol, O-Ramen has a wide variety of beverages from glass bottle sodas to tea, although with the weather heating up I do not believe I would recommend going for the hot tea anytime soon.

I have not had a bad food experience at O-Ramen yet, a mixture of great food and atmosphere has made for a great dining experience. Once it finally stops pouring rain you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while you are enjoying your food.

The only thing that keeps me from going to O-Ramen every day is the price. You certainly get what you pay for in serving size and quality, but it tends to be on the more expensive side for some college students.

It is affordable for a treat every so often but it is difficult to justify it as an every-week meal. That being said, somehow I still end up there more times than not and digging into a bowl full of Hakata.

If the weather is too hot and the air conditioning or fans in your house are just too comfy, O-Ramen is great for ordering out. The broth and the toppings are packed separately so that nothing becomes too soggy.

Get some friends, bring a big appetite and find yourself at O-Ramen. If you see me there for the second time that week, do not say anything though!