Bite of the Palouse: Feast World Kitchen serves amazing variety

A rotating menu serves up great taste, community



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CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

As summertime in Pullman slowly comes to an end and the school year creeps ever forward, I found myself once more in Spokane looking for some good eateries. Like a lighthouse in the dark ocean, I found a restaurant that not only provides great food, but also supports a great cause.

Feast World Kitchen is a nonprofit business that helps provide career skills, income and community connections. The emphasis on community-building was something I immediately noticed upon walking in as I was greeted by friendly staff and a wonderfully-decorated restaurant. With staff who will answer any questions you have about the menu, it will feel like you received an invitation into their kitchen.

Feast World Kitchen is located in downtown Spokane just off the interstate highway. You will notice the handful of trucks and catering vans parked out front before the building itself. 

Open Wednesday through Sunday, the restaurant has a rotation of former immigrant and refugee chef-entrepreneurs. The menu is different each day and represents food from around the world, with the next week’s schedule posted every Monday.  

For instance, this week you could dine on Eritrean food on Wednesday, Thai food on Thursday, Korean food on Friday, Syrian food on Saturday and finish up the week with Sudanese food on Sunday. 

The variety of food took my experience at Feast World Kitchen to the next level. 

I was able to visit this wonderful eatery twice in my visit to Spokane and was treated to Ethiopian and Brazilian food. Both were wonderful in their own way. Each day, the restaurant was decorated differently, adding to the experience. 

The food came out quickly and looked absolutely delicious both times, but I was eager to dive in and try each thing. The serving size was incredibly generous – enough to fill you up while still providing leftovers for my lunch the next day. 

Every. Single. Bite. Was. Delicious.

Trust me when I say that if I had not already been full, I would have gone up for another helping each day. If my wallet had not already been brutalized by fall tuition, I would have ordered another serving to go. 

I would fully consider driving up to Spokane just to try the food on the other days of rotation.

If the food was that good on its own, Feast World Kitchen would be more than worth the visit up to Spokane, but the price is also very reasonable. For about $20, you can get a large meal and a drink, potentially augmented with some delicious dessert. 

For those who are looking for vegan or vegetarian options, do not worry, Feast World Kitchen happily provides those dishes. One of the few downsides to the restaurant is the somewhat limited menu each day. It is community-ran, so the menu is usually about six dishes. 

This is not a huge problem with the rotating menu and the great-tasting food. You can look up the daily menu a few days ahead of time, and you can preorder meals for pickup or dine-in. You can find a rotation day that appeals to you and order ahead, but I would encourage you to try as much of it as you can. 

If you find yourself in Spokane over the remaining summer weeks, make sure Feast World Kitchen is on your itinerary.