NFL recap week seven

The Seahawks now at the top of the NFC West as the NFL continues to be a mystery.



Kenneth Walker III, the Seahawks RB.

TREVOR JUNT, Evergreen deputy sports editor

The records in the NFL are very confusing . The questions are: who is actually good and who is going to struggle?

Seahawks vs. Chargers:

Are the Seahawks actually good? They were able to beat the Chargers 37-23.

The ground and pound mixed with the run game is terrific football under Pete Carroll. This man has been in Seahawks fan’s lives for over a decade. What a wild run it has been with many highs and some lows.

In this game the Seahawks dominated, they started the game with a 17-0 lead.

Kenneth Walker III has proven to be the real deal coming from an outstanding season at Michigan State. Walker finished the day with 23 carries for 168 yards and two touchdowns. One rushing touchdown was an incredible 74-yard burst.

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Geno Smith had a decent day with an efficient 20/27 for 210 yards throwing two touchdowns and one interception.  The Seahawks also lost DK Metcalf to a knee injury that is not as serious as expected.

The Chargers look out of sorts in all places, Justin Herbert went from being an MVP candidate to being pedestrian.

The Seahawks' defense was just able to shut down the Chargers' offense and looked like a complete defense.

The Seahawks now sit alone at the top of the NFC West and are currently the third seed in the NFC playoff picture.

Falcons vs. Bengals:

Joe Burrow exploded in this game. The Bengals were able to top the Falcons 35-17.

Burrow threw 34/42 for 481 yards and three touchdowns. This entered him into the MVP conversation, and I believe that it is showing that the Bengals are Super Bowl contenders again.

The Bengals receivers are a nasty crew. Tyler Boyd with eight receptions for 155 yards and a touchdown. Ja’Marr Chase caught the ball eight times for 130 and two touchdowns. Tee Higgins also caught five balls for 93 yards.

Chase had one ball that he caught where Burrow put the ball over two defenders and right over the shoulder, a great touchdown grab and possibly the best throw I’ve ever seen Burrow make.


The Falcons are looking much more competitive than I initially thought they would be.

Arthur Smith is proving to be a decent head coach.

Marcus Mariota only threw the ball 13 times and completed eight of those for 124 yards and one touchdown along with rushing for 31 yards.

Tyler Allgeier carried the ball 16 times for 50 yards and a touchdown and seems to be the Falcons’ number-one ball carrier.

Mainly though, this game was about the comeback of the Bengals as defending AFC champions and how they will be competitive again.

Giants vs. Jaguars:

Is Saquon Barkley now an MVP candidate? The Giants beat the Jaguars 23-17.

I can’t seem to express how good the Giants actually are, I’m speaking about them each week.

Saquon Barkley led the Giants in rushing with 24 carries for 110 yards and caught four passes for 25 yards. He is willing this Giants offense to relevancy.


Daniel Jones is also looking like a not-bottom-tier quarterback anymore, I compared him to Ryan Tannehill and will continue to do that. He threw 19/30 for 202 yards and a touchdown along with rushing for 107 yards on 11 carries.

It’s not like the Jags played bad in this game. Trevor Lawrence played well throwing 22/43 for 310 yards and Travis Etienne Jr. had 14 carries for 114 yards and a touchdown.

The Jags played well and actually had a 17-13 lead heading into the fourth quarter. The Giants were just able to capitalize and led by their fearless coach Brian Daboll they scored, took the lead and kept it for the rest of the game.

The Giants are headed in the right direction as they are now 6-1 and look like actual playoff contenders with a complete team.

The Jags are just rebuilding and are figuring out their team. I have confidence in both head coach Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence to turn it around.

Chiefs vs. 49ers:

Patrick Mahomes went nuclear, just like every other week. The Chiefs beat the 49ers 44-23.

Mahomes threw 25/34 for 423 yards throwing for three touchdowns and an interception. Looking incredible the entire game.

Juju Smith-Schuster caught seven balls for 124 yards a touchdown and a long reception of 45 yards. Marquez Valdes-Scantling caught it three times for 111 yards with a long of 57 yards. Travis Kelce (Ole’ Reliable) had six receptions for 98 yards.


The Chiefs' offense is cooking and will keep doing this all season.

Jimmy Garoppolo looked fine in this game, throwing 25/37 for 303 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He also took five sacks in this game and as good as the Niners' offensive line could be, this is unacceptable.

Christian McCaffrey, the newest 49er, played a minimal amount of snaps in this game and had eight carries for 38 yards along with two catches for 24 yards. He’ll have an uptick in touches as this was his first game, but he needs to be more effective for them to win games.

The top-tier Niners' defense has to play better to compete. Against tough competition like this is where it shows what you truly are, for them to become Super Bowl contenders, they need to shut down tough opponents.