Friday-night storm causes damages to homes, power lines

18 calls made to fire department, half were storm-related



A storm Friday evening causes damages throughout the Pullman area.


A storm hit the Palouse area last night with high wind speeds, rain and damages to houses and power lines. 

Pullman Fire Department Chief Mike Heston said the department received a total of 18 calls yesterday, with about half of them relating to the storm that hit in the evening. 

Heston said the worst case the department saw last night was on Maple street when a tree fell on a house and poked a hole through the roof and into the living room; nobody was hurt from the damages. 

The other calls the department received were related to power lines going down and trees hitting the lines, he said. These calls were scattered throughout Pullman. 

“[It was] pretty minor stuff,” he said. “We were able to secure the scene pretty quick on most of those.”

In the case of another storm like the one last night, Heston said to prepare for a loss of electricity. 

“Secure anything that the wind could blow away or break,” he said. “Pretty much stay home, that would help too because you got traffic you have to deal with and [if] you have to go out and about and there’s power lines down or branches, avoid those areas.”