OPINION: Songs to listen to while definitely-not-high

I’m about to get rolling-stoned

PARKER R. SCHAFER, Evergreen columnist

There are a lot of great songs out there for people to listen to. However, many of them get so much better when you mix in a little bit of cannabis. Here is a solid list of the top ten songs that should be listened to while you are stoned as shit, like I was.

Number 1: “Black Sheep” by Metric feat. Brie Larson is most known for playing in the movie “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World;” I love how Larson’s angry yet soothing voice, alongside the solid rock ‘n’ roll of the instruments, gives a headbanging vibe. 

It is a 100% recommendation to listen to if you have not yet; this song gives all the right notes and points and is absolutely fantastic.

Number 2: “I Think I Like When It Rains” by Willis is a great one to add in because it just feels so good; it feels slow and has a beautiful melody and message to bring you peace. 

(However, it was not raining when I did this, so it was not as fun as it could be). 

The song itself feels like the emotion you get when the rain is pouring and you are cuddled up with your significant other just watching a movie and enjoying each other’s company. 

It sort of reminds me that I miss my partner, which is sad, but I love her so much and I know it will work out alright in the end.

Number 3: “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago has the iconic line, “I need you here with me from tonight until the end of time.” 

I love this song because it is a straight-up banger. Like, I want to be serenaded with this song because of how beautiful it is. It is fun, I will love this song “until the end of time.”

Number 4:  “Another Day of Sun” from the movie “LaLaLand” is fun and upbeat which gives a great sense of … bouncy. This is easily the best word I can give to describe this song. 

It is super happy and all of the singers sound like they had a great time, especially when they use the instrumental in the middle. The cars also play a great role in this song, using their horns as instruments. It is just really fun. 

Number 5: “Country Roads” by John Denver is fun for obvious reasons. 

Number 6: “Knee Deep” by Zach Brown Band is incredibly fun because of its sunny disposition, and is hard not to sing along to, especially when you are zonked out of your mind.

Number 7: “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston goes hard because it is fun to sing “BEAUTIFUL GIRLS” a lot. My stomach hurt with this song though because I ate a bunch of M&M’s, so it makes it middle of the list. Not bad, great actually, but still.

Number 8: “I Keep Forgetting” by Michael McDonald is a song with great lyrics and a solid consistent melody that keeps the vibes flowing. However, the subject matter is sad, so do not think about the lyrics too much or it will make you very sad. 

Number 9: “Without Me” by Eminem is fun, but having to take so many breaths is hard when you are trying to rap along with the lyrics.

Number 10: “Typical Story” by Hobo Johnson is super great in terms of energy and beat. The spoken word of his content is just phenomenal. This song has a lot of thoughts that I feel a lot of the time so that is fun.

Honorable mention “I want it that way” By the backstreet boys. This one is because I unironically love this song. “Ain’t no mistake” that I put it in my honorable mentions because this song is the peak for singing along to and pretending you’re singing in a concert with everyone cheering your name.

Honorable mention “Sunflower” by Post Malone. This song made me see colors and made me feel good in my heart and also I love “Into the Spider-Verse” as a movie. It even got my Borinquen brother playing spiderman and that makes me so happy. Mucho amor a mi hombre-araña.

Reporter note: when I’m high, everything is fun.