City Council approves grant application for electric bus

Mayor warns council about inclement weather



The cost of the new electric bus would includ a GPS system, video surveillance, radio and more.

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

The Pullman City Council approved a motion Tuesday night allowing Pullman Transit to apply for a grant, which would provide funding for Pullman Transit to purchase a new electric bus.

The bus would be the sixth of Pullman’s fleet, amounting to $623,000 from the Federal Transit Administration’s 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities program. Pullman Transit Manager Wayne Thompson said the program’s application deadline is Jan. 10, 2023, and hopes it will provide 80% in matching funds for the bus. 

Thompson said there are no advertisements allowed on the buses, including the potential electric bus, but the current wraps either promote water conservation, much like the rest of the Pullman buses, or are WSU themed. 

During the meeting, Mayor Glenn Johnson also reiterated Pullman’s winter storm warning remains in effect until Thursday. He said the city is ready to deal with it and warned drivers not to go too fast to help prevent car crashes, as most of the crashes in the last few days were a direct result of drivers speeding.

The council also voted to approve Jeff Elbracht as finance director, Angela Taylor for the Planning Commission and Keith Peterson for the Neill Public Library board.