How a fast food jingle shaped the NFL postseason 

The Burger King ad campaign causing mixed feelings for millions 



Burger King’s viral Whopper Whopper ad is a series of ads.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

Eat like a king who’s on a budget. Three tasty options fries, drink and nuggets. All for five bucks — wait, that can’t be right. Just confirmed that that’s the real price. At BK, have it your way. You rule! 

Those lyrics are only one variation of a series of jingles created in an ad campaign for Burger King that has been a staple of the 2022–23 NFL postseason. It has caused several people to jump on the bandwagon and sing the song to their heart’s content, and for others, it has been an unwelcome earworm that they can not seem to get rid of. 

From a marketing standpoint, the advertisement is doing wonders. Everyone, whether they hate or love the ad, will remember it for an extended period. 

It has also reached a vast audience. The Divisional Round matchups reached an average of 38.2 million viewers domestically, which was the highest recorded for that round in NFL history, according to SportsPro Media. 

Another vital part of marketing in the current media age is social media. Platforms such as TikTok, the most used form of social media by Gen Z; has generated over 750 million extra views for the ad campaign with content centered around the commercials. 

These are just the statistics from a singular platform that mainly focuses on a single generational demographic, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also have been a major driving force in the spread of the catchy jingle. 

For Twitter, it has been a trending topic nearly every time there is a playoff game. It has been the theme of many jokes, with several tweets each reaching hundreds of thousands of users. 

Some examples of the tweets and trends serving as extra and, most importantly, free advertising for Burger King: 

The current running campaign is not the first time the NFL and Burger King have struck a deal on a successful campaign for the restaurant chain. In 2005, the two sides struck a one-year deal that had a grand prize of two tickets to the Super Bowl XL, according to Chief Marketer.

You Rule! The current slogan and ad campaign cost the company over $400 million, $150 million of which is being spent exclusively on advertising, according to Uproxx. 

No matter what the executives thought would come out of the commercials and overarching campaign, the pure extent to which it has become a talking point has come as a surprise. Once the NFL playoffs are over, the second most remembered thing after the Super Bowl winner may very well be the Burger King jingle that seemingly plays at every single ad break.