Don’t worry 12s … not much longer 

What to expect of the Seahawks in years to come 


Gracie Rogers

Do not fret 12s. Our time is coming.

ERICK AGUILAR, Evergreen reporter

Well 12s, that was not so bad was it? Certainly better than expected. This season was not a COMPLETE dumpster fire.

Hey, the team made the playoffs after losing the man who we thought was the savior (he who must now not be named).

But that is not the point.

The point is that there is concrete proof the team is on the rise. It might take a few years and it will not be easy. The 12s will have to be patient. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and here is why. 

The Seahawks have:

  • The best rookie class of the 2022-2023 season
  • High 2023 draft picks

Seahawks rookie class 

Folks, last year’s draft class for the Hawks was one of the best in the NFL and here is why: 

The two young corners of Tariq Woolen and Coby Bryant had unbelievable seasons sitting deep in coverage or pressing the pocket on the blitz. 

There is no doubt that they will be an irreplaceable cornerstone for the defense for many years to come. Frankly, the last time the team had two joint corners this good was with Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner in the early 2010s when they won the Super Bowl. 

Kenneth Walker III is easily the most exciting rookie on this team as he put on an impressive show of force with his 1,050-yard season. The former Michigan State Spartan had nine touchdowns this season averaging four-and-a-half yards per carry. 

The Hawks have struggled to find a reliable offensive back since the departure of Marshawn Lynch and no doubt the fans believe this young player will fill that void. 

Creating a push up front, the behemoths of Abraham Lucas and Charles Cross show plenty of reasons to believe in the Seahawks’ offensive line again. 

Upcoming draft picks 

In the upcoming 2023 draft, the team has nine draft picks. 

The Seahawks are known to trade down in these first rounds, however with what the team needs this year, it seems unlikely. 

  • First-round, No. 5 overall pick

One way or another, a QB will still be on the board by the time the Hawks make their pick, whether it be Will Levis or CJ Stroud. Given the fact that the preferred Bryce Young will likely already be gone by this point.

It is so hard to analyze pre-NFL quarterback talent. However, at this moment, Stroud seems to be the best fit for the Seattle Scheme.  

It is also not delusional to recognize the team might go with the defensive route and select either Tyree Wilson or Will Anderson Jr. who are both extremely capable edge rushers. 

  • First round, No. 20 overall 

If the front office does not pick a QB earlier they will definitely pick one up here. 

Or, the team might select the best ‘In the box’ defensive player available, with a preference for those who play the front four positions. Calijah Kancey, Bryan Bresee, Myles Murphy and Lukas Van Ness are players who fit the defensive front needs. 

  • The Seahawks also have the 37th, 52nd, 83rd, 120th, 148th, 151st and 184th picks. 

That was the good news, but skepticism is there. Here are what the Seahawks must do to establish themselves as championship-level competition for years to come. 

  • Quarterback of the future 
  • New offensive scheme 
  • Better defensive talent in the box 

Quarterback of the future

Now, this whole rebuild is pivoted on one thing: the quarterback position. 

Geno Smith stepped in and did a fantastic job with what he had and the 12s will not forget it. But unfortunately, he is not getting any younger at the ripe age of 32. 

Here is what comes to mind regarding the quarterback dilemma: the old-school route. 

Draft a prospect, have him sit and learn for a few years behind Smith and once he is ready, hand him the keys to the team. 

All of this is based on the estimation that the team drafts a quarterback in this upcoming 2023 draft. There is extreme doubt that the team will be able to get a higher draft pick than this year’s first-round pick in the future.

New offensive scheme 

The NFL is changing and the Seahawks have to adapt. 

The Seahawks need more outside zone runs. Their offensive line is the best it has been in a while and Kenneth Walker III is the team’s running back of the future. Wide receiver screens are a time of the past, no more. 

A tight end is a quarterback’s best friend in a collapsing pocket, the team needs a more TE-friendly playbook. Noah Fant is a more than an adequate man for the job and increasing his offensive production could draw box defenders away from inside hook/curl routes and potentially give Walker more time out of the backfield. 

Assuming the team finds its quarterback of the future, they need to revitalize the 2019 air raid. The team has DK Metcalf and Tyler Locket is not getting any younger. Their talent must be put to use. 

Better defensive talent in the box 

On the defensive side of the ball, there is no denying the great pass defense in the secondary. In the box, however, the defense could be better.

Cody Barton, the former Utah Ute is great at stopping the run but tends to be a liability in defending the hook/curl. With this in mind, his role needs to be limited to middle linebacker. 

Defensive players are now more unorthodox than ever, with dynamic, high-motor players that can run around and put pressure on the quarterback wherever they line up. 

Whether it be an edge, pressed corner, outside linebacker or even a spy, the Hawks are in need of a few of these weapons. 

So look, the team was 9-8 and had no hope entering the season. The beauty is that all the team’s problems can be addressed somewhat quickly and there is the cap space to do it. 

Place your bets now, because it is almost a certainty the Hawks will be back to their formidable strength within the next two to three years.