Limited resident parking on College Hill discussed

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

The Pullman City Council is considering starting maintenance projects on College Hill, which may displace resident parking in the area.

Due to harsh Pullman winters, parked cars can become roadblocks and create an issue for emergency vehicles, Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins said.

Jenkins mentioned assigning public workers to clear the snow during winter breaks in December, as well as working on future maintenance work throughout the year.

The project would take place during designated school breaks in fall, winter and spring, from 2 – 9 a.m every morning.

Providing public education and outreach is one of the most important pieces regarding parking, said Kevin Gardes, public works director who is collaborating with Jenkins.

Voluntary compliance is key, Gardes said, as residents must be willing to move their cars in order to make the project work.

The project would entail raking leaves during the fall season, cleaning up snow and ice in the winter and picking up gravel throughout the spring.

“No parking” signs would be posted in order to prohibit overnight parking on streets where the work would take place.

Gardes is currently working with an attorney to work out enforcement details for these areas during breaks.

In order for the maintenance project to be successful, Jenkins said, the city will have to market to students. Marketing through fliers on cars, as well as spreading the message throughout Greek organizations, ASWSU, and in the Whitman County Landlord-Tenant Association.

However, Jenkins said so far, WSU has not created a designated area for cars that are left on campus during breaks to be placed.

A public meeting will be announced in the future, to gather public opinion on the maintenance project and possible parking restrictions.