ASWSU votes down GPA bill

Student government voted down a proposal to raise the grade point average requirement for senators


OLIVER McKENNA | The Daily Evergreen

Senator Gavin Pielow proposes a bill that would raise the GPA requirement for Senators from 2.3 to 2.5. The bill failed with 9 votes against it and 8 votes for it.

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

A bill to raise the required grade point average of all current and incoming ASWSU Senate members was voted down during their regular meeting Wednesday.

ASWSU Senators discussed raising the grade point average to qualify and continue to be a part of senate from 2.3 to 2.5.

A higher GPA would provide a safety net for all members of ASWSU to graduate, all campus senator Courtney Crouch said, as well as create a higher standard in regards to academic excellence.

Harald Hyllseth, the senator for the College of Communication voted against the bill.

“What you want to do in life can’t be measured by a number.” Hyllseth said.

Recalling his high school grades, Sen. Hyllseth said that ASWSU should not only be focused on grades, but present a student body that excels in other aspects, such as extracurricular activities and participation in outside events.

Ruth Fiam Nord, the College of Arts and Sciences senator voted for the bill.

Nord said that ASWSU members should be a model to students on campus by representing what it means to be an ASWSU senator; striving for better grades and becoming a high-achieving student.

“If you can’t keep up with your GPA,” Nord said. “Should you really apply to represent a huge amount of students?”

In the end, the vote was very close, with 8-9 members voting against the bill.

The Senate approved three additional bills.

The first two bills created a clear outline for appointing members into committee positions and committee chairs, whereas the third bill created a minimum requirement of two weeks for the application process to become an ASWSU Senator.


Correction: All Campus Senator Courtney Crouch said that a GPA requirement would create a safety net, not ASVMP Senator Devon Holze