International Student Council elects new leaders

All but three council positions were filled during election


LAURA BATE | The Daily Evergreen

ISC presidential candidate Ximeng Li delivers her speech for the position during the elections.

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

The International Student Council elected six new cabinet members that will lead the organization for the rest of the school year.

Each applicant made a speech about how they would be the best candidates for their position Wednesday night in the CUB.

ISC presidential candidate Ximeng Li ran unopposed and spoke about her personal connection to WSU and the international students on campus.

“In these five years [that I experienced] in America, I have always been the person I wanted to be,” Li said.

Regarding the past troubles with ISC leadership, Li said that she would keep an objective voice and professionally work with others in the cabinet.

Li also said that as president, she would make sure that she would attend events from the different organizations within ISC.

“I love to help international students in their studies, social lives or anything else that happens in their life,” Li said. “I love and respect all of the different cultures.”

With ISC representing fourteen international registered student organizations, each organization represented one vote for each position.

Four positions out of seven were officially filled during the election.

Elected for each ISC Cabinet position included: Ho Valerie Becying and Quyen Nguyen for co-programming chairs, Yu Shing Chow and May Qiang for co-public relations/marketing chairs, Dyllan Walton for vice president and Ximeng Li for president.

After the controversy from last year’s cabinet that led to former ISC President Kevin Lindquist’s impeachment, the Student Senate appointed three interim chairs to help elect new ISC cabinet members.

The three interim chair members included undergraduate students: Sj Al Arimi, Walton and Klint Demetrio.

With three positions left vacant due to a lack of candidates, Li has the power to nominate candidates for the remaining positions, Walton said, as long as each candidate goes through the proper application process.

With international students making up 15 percent of WSU’s undergraduate population, ISC serves as one of the largest ASWSU committees on campus.

Along with their roles as representative voices, ISC also helps plan campus-wide events, provides information to all international students and holds public meetings every Wednesday in the CUE.