ASWSU approves technology, S&A fee resolutions

During their regular meeting, ASWSU voted on several bylaw-changing bills

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

With many new careers and industries focused around digital content creation, ASWSU approved a resolution to advocate more professional programs within the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication during their weekly meeting.

College of Communication Sen. Harold Hyllseth authored the resolution that supports the pursuit of the Adobe Creative Cloud licenses.

The idea would be to help students have better access to many digital desktop programs, by offering free programs to students. The resolution, Hyllseth said, is to endorse this pursuit.

“This has been seen from both our end on the students, and the faculty side,” Hyllseth said. “As being something that’s going to continue to lift Murrow into the top echelons of communications programs.”

Hyllseth said he has been working on the resolution for a couple of months and was excited to get this resolution on the Senate floor.

Additionally, three bills other bills were approved.

Out of the three, one includes an amendment to the bylaws that slightly changes the duties of the ASWSU administrative assistant, another specifies a guideline for individual funding requests, and the last bill adds an amendment to the duties of the ASWSU finance committee.

The resolution to decouple Service and Activities fees from tuition has also been approved.

S&A fees are non-tuition fees that all students are required to pay. These fees help pay for student activities, programs, university building and general campus functions.

The resolution allows for students to voice their opinions on the amount of S&A fees they wish to pay, as well as where the funds will be allocated. Two bills have also been moved back to the internal committees for review. The two include a bill adding an amendment to the bylaws regarding the modification of bills, and the second describes a request for a limited time to public testimonies.

ASWSU has also confirmed two candidates for the positions within the International Student Council and Health and Safety.

Confirmed for the committees include President for ISC, Ximeng Li, and Director of Health and Safety, Regan Donaldson.

As the director for the ASWSU committee, Donaldson said she would garner more awareness on mental health issues on campus as well as support students through her background on psychological health.

Passionate to help those in need, she said she also wants to resolve the stigmas around sexual assault.

“We need to say what’s going on and how to improve it,” Donaldson said, “not just leave it under the rug.”