UREC hosts all-access week for students and faculty

Chinook Student Center, SRC, ORC offer week of free clinics, classes


Zach Rubio | Daily Evergreen File

Contestants climb different routes during a bouldering competition at the UREC.

Sydney Brown, Life Editor

University Recreation will host an All Access Week for those interested in a free preview of this semester’s classes.

Previews will run throughout the day every day, with the earliest beginning at 6:30 a.m. and the last at 6 p.m.


Swimming Clinics

Stationed in the Student Recreation Center pool, several clinics involve basic swimming skills and physical exercises in the water. Coaches will teach several of the fundamentals required for improving more difficult swimming workouts. This includes a clinic on perfecting the butterfly drill or the flip-turn drill.


Bouldering Clinic

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing without any harnesses or ropes. At the SRC, coaches will give instructions on the basics and general skills involved in bouldering. The clinic will also include an opportunity for participants to climb at the bouldering wall in the SRC.


Belay Clinic

Belays allow one person to use ropes to help a partner as they climb. The partner on the ground serves as an anchor so the climber does not fall.

For participants looking for more experience in roped climbing, coaches at the SRC will give instructions and tips on belaying.

The clinic includes an opportunity for participants to practice belaying their partner, use auto-belay tools and climb while belaying.


Olympic Lifting

This workshop takes place in the Chinook Student Center as an hour-long demonstration of Olympic weight training, including an opportunity for participants to try out weight lifting themselves.

The SRC will host other demonstrations and clinics, including a cross-country ski demo at the Outdoor Recreation Center and a ski maintenance clinic for those who want to learn how to properly handle their equipment.

There will also be fitness classes — including group fitness, masters swimming, martial arts, dance and CrossFit — all at no charge to students.

Those interested in All Access Week can visit the UREC website, where all times and locations are specified.