ASWSU is holding special elections

Student gov looks to fill six vacancies

LINH NGUYEN, Evergreen reporter

ASWSU is holding a special election to fill six vacant seats on the Senate.

Six senators decided to step down earlier this academic year from their positions to graduate, study abroad and avoid conflicts of interest, among other reasons.

This year ASWSU decided to take a different route and fill the seats.

There are a total of six vacant positions on the senate, including two All Campus, two representing the Carson College of Business, one representing uncertified students and one representing the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy.

Unlike candidates who applied for the yearly general election, those running in the special election will only receive what the bylaws refer to as a “swift election,” meaning candidates will only have a week and a half to campaign. In addition, candidates will only need to get 15 signatures to run.

With such a short campaign time, the Election Board has decided to not release a general finance report on this special election. However, every candidate must abide by the rules that apply to all ASWSU elections.

Election Board Chair Bradley Warren talked about the importance of voter turnout in regards to all ASWSU elections, especially this special election.

“Student government is very small,” Warren said. “But it has huge repercussions campus-wide.”

Any student can vote on the All Campus positions, but otherwise can only vote for their own college.

“You have every right to voice your opinion through voting,” Warren said.

Polls are open from 12:01 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday.

Students can vote at, where they will need to provide their name and student ID number.