Housing office to host open-to-close mixer for students

Popular local bar will welcome residents for social gathering


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The open-to-close at The Coug Today is meant to build relationships between residents and Coug Housing, which leases rooms from Greystone Church Apartments.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER, Evergreen reporter

To build relationships with its residents and celebrate Pullman’s college town atmosphere, Coug Housing is partnering with the The Coug for an open-to-close today.

Tina Mitchell, property manager of Coug Housing, graduated from WSU in 2012. During her time here, she attended an open-to-close event and thought hosting one would be a great way to celebrate Pullman and the residents at Coug Housing.

“I had such a fun time at the open-to-close I went to, even though I was a little older, because it was so great to bond with the group I was with,” Mitchell said. “I thought this would be a good way to get to know more of our residents other than just seeing them when they pay rent.”

Senior Katie Goodwin and junior Chris Keen, both leasing consultants at Coug Housing who are involved in the open-to-close, said they are excited to relax and celebrate the Coug Housing residents.

“People in Pullman like going to bars and spending time with a group of people they have something in common with,” Goodwin said. “An open-to-close is a very Pullman thing.”

The open-to-close will take place at the end of the Coug Housing Resident Appreciation Week, and anyone can attend. Keen said the open-to-close is a way to appreciate the residents, as well as compete with rival housing opportunities.

Mitchell said this kind of event is great for the residents, because it allows them to get to know their neighbors and the staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

“I’ve only been the manager for Coug Housing since October, and I’d love to get to know the residents better,” Mitchell said. “I know their names and I deal with their accounts, but I don’t actually get to see everybody. It’ll be really awesome to have a casual atmosphere.”

The Coug Housing open-to-close will be open to minors from 11 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. today at The Coug, and will be open until 2 a.m. for those over 21. Admission is free.

“You won’t be able to find this kind of event at any other time in your life,” Keen said. “The Coug is a very well-known bar at WSU and in the state, so we thought getting to spend time at a great place with great people would be a really fun time.”