Student gov’t leaders part ways

ASWSU president and VP say they look forward to crossing paths again


Courtesy of Mitchell Weholt

Former ASWSU President Jordan Frost and former Vice President Garrett Kalt first formed their relationship over Panda Express. They have since charted separate paths forward, but plan to stay connected.

YASMEEN WAFAI, Evergreen assistant editor

After graduating, the outgoing ASWSU executives will be heading their separate ways, but the end of their undergraduate careers does not mark the end of their friendship.

“I’ll be the first on the invite list to his wedding,” former ASWSU President Jordan Frost said.

“You’re in it,” former ASWSU Vice President Garrett Kalt replied.

Frost and Kalt’s story began at the convocation ceremony in 2014 where Frost, a sophomore at the time, spoke about his freshman experience.

Kalt, then a freshman, felt inspired by Frost’s speech and emailed him asking if they could meet to talk sometime. The two later met up at Panda Express in the CUB.

“Panda Express is our place,” Kalt said.

Frost encouraged Kalt to get involved in Residence Life and become a Cougar connector. It was then that they formed a mentor-mentee relationship.

Kalt said he remembers being impressed with the authenticity of Jordan’s speech and how he was not afraid to speak about the difficulties of college.

Frost said he was honored and excited that Kalt looked up to him, adding that he admired Kalt’s energy and desire to be a part of something.

The two became even closer when they decided to run for ASWSU president and vice president. Frost was chief of staff at the time and Kalt was a senator.

Kalt recalled some friends telling them they should run. He said they shrugged it off as a joke at first, but they later began to consider it seriously.

Now, as they pass on their roles to Savannah Rogers and Tyler Parchem, they want the best for both the new leaders and the students they will be serving.

“We hope they lead from their heart,” Kalt said, “and that they serve students the best they can.”

While Frost and Kalt are proud of their impact on WSU, they also feel they have changed each other for the better.

“If I had not met Jordan Frost,” Kalt said, “my entire WSU experience would have been different.”

Frost believes he and Kalt were meant to meet each other, and he said they have each left a part of themselves with the other.

“Garrett has a lot to give,” Frost said, “and people know that.”

Kalt will be continuing his studies as a graduate student at the London School of Economics, while Frost will be a student teacher at a high school as a part of a program with WSU Spokane. However, despite the distance, Frost knows their paths will cross again and is not worried about the separation.

Frost and Kalt also expressed their gratitude to the students at WSU and said they feel the connections they  made during their time here are irreplaceable.

“We just want to say thank you,” Kalt said. “We are so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.”