Reaney Park Pool opens as summer kicks in

Area open five hours daily, renovations set for next two years

RYAN BLAKE, Evergreen reporter

Pullman will officially open the community pool at Reaney Park to the public this Saturday.

City Recreation Manager Kurt Dahmen said the pool is a great place for the city’s youth and families to go during the warm months of the summer.

“Hopefully our weather continues to cooperate and our season gets off to a good start with warm weather and people getting out to enjoy it right away,” Dahmen said.

The pool at Reaney Park will receive upgrades over the next two years. The city budgeted $450,000 for improvements to the park in the $2.4 million bond voters approved in February.

The project will include installation of a new pool liner and repairing concrete around the edges beneath. Dahmen said the original liner was purchased in 1997 and is at the end of its useful life of approximately 25 years.

Additionally, $22,000 is budgeted for a 16-foot climbing wall to be installed after the repairs to the liner and concrete are made. The city may still purchase the wall in 2018.

The interior and exterior restrooms and changing facilities are also set for renovations, Dahmen said. The renovations will all take place outside the pool season and likely be completed in 2019 or 2020.

A splash pad was added prior to the pool’s opening in 2016, a $737,000 investment by the city. Dahmen said the pad has been successful in bringing families with younger children to the park who may not have been able to before.

Reaney Park is home to the Pullman community swim team, who is already breaking in the pool. The Barracudas are comprised of children 5 to 18 years old who compete with other teams from towns around the Palouse. Dahmen said 75 are registered for the team this season.

The pool will be open to the public daily from 1-6 p.m. starting Saturday. Adults 18 years or older may use the pool for $5 daily, seniors and children ages 4-17 can enter for $3.75 and there is no cost for children 3-years-old and under that have an adult with them.

Daily household passes cost $13.75 and season passes are available for purchase as well. Children 7 years old and under are required to be supervised at all times and a lifeguard is on-duty.

“As it warms up around the summer, you know everybody likes to go to the swimming pool,” Dahmen said. “It’s nice to have that locally here where residents don’t have to travel outside the community for that.”