Badminton club challenges members

Team has been official since 2011, members are from around the world



Members of the WSU Badminton Club play a game Wednesday in the UREC.

JASMIN SNYDER, Evergreen reporter

Badminton may not be a sport hitting headlines at WSU, but the campus club offers students a chance to learn the game and interact with companions.

The club was official in 2011 but players have been meeting informally as a team since 2004.

Richard Elgar, adviser of the WSU badminton club, has been at WSU and playing badminton since then. He is the assistant director of the Foley Institute and also a part-time graduate student at WSU.

“The badminton club is the most international [of the] sports and clubs that are on campus,” Elgar said. “We have people from Britain, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Canada and also Americans.”

The club accepts anyone who is willing to play, whether they are experienced or not. It’s a fast-paced game consisting of many different hits: smash, gentle dink, lob and others.

Junior Chengxu Li did not know how to play badminton until two years ago, but now is president of the club.

“It’s a kind of challenge,” Li said. “I want to challenge myself.”

The club participates in tournaments throughout the year, including the Lilac City Badminton Tournament in Spokane.

“It’s about collaboration, you know your buddy has your back and supporting you,” said graduate student Sheng Bi. “It’s kind of a friendship thing, playing with your buddies, a kind of bond.”

The badminton club team meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 p.m. at the UREC on Court 7.