WSU’s wrestling team makes varsity club status

“All that hard work and perseverance, you know, helped us legitimize what our team is about.”



The entire WSU wrestling team finished four in Nationals, March 18.

GABRIELLE BOWMAN, Evergreen news co-editor

WSU’s wrestling team has made history this past week by finally moving to Varsity Club status. 

The only other team to have done that at WSU has been the club rowing team. 

“The men’s rowing team has been the example of you know the model sports club team. For us to be mentioned at that level of varsity club status, it’s just an honor,” wrestling head coach Phil Burnett said.

This title has been long-running as the team has made significant triumphs regarding their growth in numbers, wins at competitions and All-American titles they have earned. 

“All that hard work and perseverance, you know, helped us legitimize what our team is about, and it’s humbling because so many people put their hand in this effort from our administrators to our trainers, our coaches, our men’s and women’s athletes and most of all the Coug supporters, financial supporters and the parents,” Burnett said.

With this new title to their name the wrestling team is ramping up for next season, which is about six months away, Burnett said. 

The new recruits include three state champions and a couple of men who were finalists at the state competition that takes place at the Tacoma Dome. 

With the team moving up to this specific status it shows that the university is giving the team recognition said team President James Cox.

“I mean, people have put 1,000 hours of work into this, I know that I personally have put over 1,000 hours of work in since I became team president,” Cox said. “So, seeing this growth is pretty awesome.”

Burnett said it was not just the wrestlers themselves that helped earn this title the support the wrestling team has gotten over the year has been incredible and the team is excited to represent WSU as a varsity club team.