Cougar Country’s burgers taste like nostalgia


Cougar Country offers deals on its “cub” burger on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Onions, mayo, lettuce, and a quarter-pounder beef patty along with Cougar Country’s “special sauce,” are the main ingredients for the cherished Cougar Country burgers that students chose as the best burger this year.

General Manager Bryan Power said the bacon burger is the most popular with students. On an average Saturday, they sell around 600 burgers, the three most popular being the super burger, the cheeseburger and the bacon burger.

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Since the family business opened sometime in the early 1970s, not much besides the design and décor of the actual restaurant has changed. Although the majority of the recipes have remained the same since the business first started, many interesting items have been added to Cougar Country’s menu over time. These include deep fried pickles, mushroom melts and many new shake and cyclone flavors. Powers explained that while he has been with Cougar Country for 8 years, he has witnessed very little change.

“We definitely live in a society where things change quickly,” Powers said, “but Cougar Country doesn’t really change so I think for some people there is a bit of nostalgia in that.”

Ronda Whit Miller, the current owner of the restaurant, has been the owner since her father Ray Sr. Stephens passed away in 2008, Powers said.

In terms of goals and future endeavors, Powers explained that Cougar Country hopes to expand and implement more parking and a more efficient drive through.

If you’re craving a burger, the perfect time to indulge would be Wednesdays and Thursdays when Cougar Country offers a special for “super baskets” for $6.49. The basket contains a super burger and a side of small fries. Cougar country is the way to go if you’re looking for the classic American burger.

“You know what you’re getting when you come in here,” Powers said.