Daily Grind locations serve comfort

In most cities, there are multiple Starbucks in close proximity. However, in Pullman the coffee name you see around town is different.

It is hard to drive around town without seeing signs for Daily Grind coffee. In addition to two drive-thru locations, Daily Grind has its main store nestled in the heart of Downtown.

The shop has a rustic and calming atmosphere. There are open areas for customers to socialize and drink their coffee or eat some of the baked goods and food entrees that they make in shop.

The furniture is an older vintage style and some of it is made from pieces of wood from old buildings. Barista Amber Glenn says that the home-feel of the shop attracts people.

“People come here to relax and have coffee in a very comfortable environment,” she said. “It is their home away from home.”

Not only do they serve breakfast, lunch and baked goods along with their coffee, they also have many different flavors of ice cream. A signature is their affogato, a scoop of ice cream with a shot of hot espresso served over it.

Their downtown store supplies their drive-thru locations near Dissmore’s and Crimson and Gray with the exact same baked goods that they sell in the main shop.

“We supply the other stands and drive everything to them almost daily,” Glenn said. “We want to make sure everything is well stocked and the baked goods are fresh.”

Their shop includes more than just places to sit and drink coffee. They have a meeting room for groups to gather and do business, hold study groups, or just relax with some coffee and dessert. Their farthest back room also features couches and a fireplace.

Customers can also benefit from using a shop mug or a mug of their own for drip coffee. Refills are 50¢ on their various drips.

“I love the looks on people’s faces when they have their first sip of our coffee,” Glenn said. “It is great to see that they are comfortable here and keep coming back.”