Moscow grill to host concert tonight

Three local bands ranging in styles will perform at 9 p.m. Tomb Toad, Okay Okay, Meddling to open concert season



Nate Wolff, co-owner of Humble Burger, discusses how they designed the restaurant to include a stage space Tuesday at Humble Burger.

ZACH GOFF, Evergreen reporter

Humble Burger started out as a farmer’s market booth in 2014; by 2015 the burger joint had a physical location.

Humble Burger kicks off its family friendly concert season today with three local bands: Tomb Toad, Okay Okay and Meddling.

Since the beginning of Humble Burger, the owners, Nate Wolff, Hannah Wolff and Chris Aberle, have wanted to provide a local space for musicians to share their music.

“We are all musicians of some kind,” Nate said. “It was something when we set up Humble Burger as a brick and mortar restaurant we designed it so we can […] host bands.”

The bands that will play tonight cover different styles. Tomb Toad describes themselves as a post-punk, new wave, 80s-inspired band, according to the event’s Facebook page. Okay Okay combines minimal values and folk techniques, according to the band’s website. Meddling is a local emo and rock band, according to the event page.

The music will start at 9 p.m. with a $5 entry fee.

“I wanted to give people a place in town to play and give bands that are touring through here a place to stop,” Nate said.

Humble Burger hosts a myriad of performers from February to September and also produces an annual concert called Modern Music Fest which will take place in late September.

Nate said he expects around 40 people to attend due to the midweek but most weekends around 70 people come to celebrate music. He is hopeful there will be a good turn-out because of the Moscow population’s support of local music.

“Most people who attend shows in Moscow know Josh Bacha who is the main guy in Tomb Toad, so I would expect a pretty big turn out on Wednesday,” Nate said.

Humble Burger will hold its next music night April 19 and will feature Jeremy James Meyer and Joshua James Jackson.

In the future, the owners hope to expand to a space where they can host musicians and simultaneously serve food but for now they will serve drinks during the performance.

“We’re going to be music stuff for as long as we possibly can,” Nate said.

Humble Burger is located at 102 N Main Street in Moscow.