WSU UREC hosts ‘AquaPatch’ for fall festivities

Over 100 pumpkins will be available for people to paint, carve, decorate; to bring the Halloween spirit to Pullman



Christopher Perry, lifeguard at the WSU UREC, discusses the AquaPatch event on Tuesday afternoon at the Spark. The event will take place Wednesday at 5 p.m.

CAROLYNN CLAREY, Evergreen reporter and photojournalist

You‘ve heard of bobbing for apples, but have you heard of diving for pumpkins? Just imagine a pool full of pumpkins and people diving in to get them. A few tables in the corner full of supplies for those same students to carve and decorate their catch. At the WSU Student Recreation Center this odd picture comes to life.

From 5-8 p.m. on Wednesday, people with an SRC membership can go to “AquaPatch” to pick from over 100 pumpkins to decorate, carve, paint and then bring them home, according to the WSU UREC website.

Christopher  Perry, a lifeguard guard for the UREC, worked the event last year. Perry’s role during the event was to retrieve pumpkins for the people who didn’t want to jump in the pool. While he didn’t recall any families attending the event, it was mostly WSU students, Perry said.

Perry also pointed out that this was a great way to check out the facilities and get into the fall festivities.

“It’s just a fun way to get involved with the UREC … and kinda just get into the festivities of the fall time,” Perry said.

Perry is also a lifeguard for this year’s event and is looking forward to seeing people’s reactions.

The UREC also hosts one other seasonal event in the Spring. It is called the Self-Directed Swim Challenges designed to get people swimming. Participants swim a specified number of yards and complete either beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses.

These courses are designed to mimic specific swim events in the Pac-12. Swimmers are given from Jan. 21 to April 21 of next year to complete their chosen course.

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