Street talk: How do you decorate your room in Pullman?

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen roots editor

Sam Bigbee-Hansen, fifth-year student, material science and engineering major

“I decorate my apartment with art I’ve collected with my friends over time. It’s more personal. It’s a reminder of the people that aren’t here anymore.” 

Emma Lande, sophomore, occupational therapy major-

“We live in our sorority and so we got lots of pink, canvases and signs.”

Sarah Weatherford, sophomore, advertising major-

“I’m in a single room in my sorority. It’s all yellow and gray. We hung up string lights, mirrors and pictures, lots of pictures.”

Nathan Shine, junior, data analytics major-

“When WSU has the poster sale, we get some posters. We also change most of the light bulbs [in our apartment] to the ones that change colors with a remote.” 

Anna Wilson, sophomore, elementary education major-

“[My roommate and I] go for a rustic chic theme. We normally take a long time planning it.” 

Brian Kai Nelson, sophomore, basic medical sciences major-

“I brought my car from California and I hung my license plate on my wall. I also put a lot of plants in my room.” 

Giulia Renner, freshman, human development major- 

“I bought wallpaper that’s white brick and put that up against my walls because the walls of my dorm are messed up a little bit.”