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Living with romance

Living with a boyfriend? It can get messy.

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen columnist

February 4, 2020

Love is in the air. For someone, I guess. For me, the ideal romantic partner is the first edition signed copy of “Fight Club” back in my local bookstore ($99, in case anyone’s wondering what to get me for my birthday), but evidently, some people prefer to hold hands with an actual living person...

Enjoy perks of WSU residence life

You should appreciate living in the dorms, because it only gets worse from here.

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist

February 4, 2020

Residence hall life at WSU offers a community experience that is exceptional, but it will be stale if residents don’t get involved in their community. Residence life at WSU has its perks. They are convenient, since both your classes and food are nearby, they come in a wide array of prices and sett...

Know your rights as a tenant

Every lease signing feels like a deal with the devil. Utilize the law center on-campus to save yourself from predatory practices.

JACQUI THOMASSON, Evergreen columnist

February 4, 2020

Housing horror stories seem to be a rite of passage for many young adults. It doesn’t have to be, though. Students need to know their rights and what to look out for. “That rental contract, for many students, is the first binding agreement that they’ve entered into,” said Wynn Mosman, attor...

Evergreen’s declassified housing survival guide

Evergreen’s declassified  housing survival guide

HAYDYN WALLENDER, Evergreen reporter

February 4, 2020

Coming to college can be extremely stressful for students, or extremely fun. More often than not, teenagers are excited to move out of their parents' house into a new community full of  new opportunities, experiences and people. However, not all college students realize that costs of living can...

Consider where to live, what it offers

Leasing offices can be predatory toward students desperate enough to sign their name on whatever. Take the time to think of more than just price when it comes to signing a lease.

JACQUI THOMASSON, Evergreen reporter

February 4, 2020

This time of year brings about the all-important question: to renew or not to renew. For those fresh out of the dorms or looking to move, the variety of options can be a lot to take in. Residences may include personal laundry equipment or access to a community facility. Parking passes may also need...

Street talk: How do you decorate your room in Pullman?

MADYSEN MCLAIN, Evergreen reporter

February 4, 2020

Sam Bigbee-Hansen, fifth-year student, material science and engineering major- “I decorate my apartment with art I’ve collected with my friends over time. It’s more personal. It’s a reminder of the people that aren’t here anymore.”  Emma Lande, sophomore, occupational therapy...

Invite in nature

ANGELICA RELENTE, Evergreen reporter

February 4, 2020

Nick Naeger’s windowsill is adorned with different types of plants, adding a splash of green to contrast the white, bare walls in his office. “I probably have 100 potted plants [at home],” Naeger, postdoctoral research associate at WSU’s Department of Entomology, said. The plants in Nae...

Living with a lover may get messy

Students feel that there are pros and cons to living with a significant other while at school.

RACHEL KOCH, Evergreen reporter

January 25, 2018

Moving in together is a big step for couples. Sometimes it can be rewarding, but there’s always the gamble that comes with it. Students on campus, couples and singles alike, recognize this gamble and have clear reasons why they might or might not choose to live with a significant other. Sophomore...

How to do your laundry like the adult it’s time to be

Did your mom do your laundry your whole life? Are you completely incompetent? Are you considering eating your laundry pods? Please read below to enlighten yourself and prevent internal bleeding.

MORGAN LESTER, Evergreen columnist

January 25, 2018

So, you finally ran out of clean underwear, you slovenly mess, and your parents never taught you how to do your own laundry. Gather your basket and your detergent and get to a washer — here are the steps to cleaning your laundry. Separate out your loads. Like many other guides, I fully recommen...

High rent vs. low rent: risks and rewards

DEENA MIGLIAZZO, Evergreen reporter

January 25, 2018

After they finish their first year of required on-campus living, students face the challenge of finding affordable housing. Some housing units are fully furnished with utilities included, but that likely comes with higher monthly rates. Unfurnished housing units without utilities included often have...

Moving in to a chapter house? Here’s what to expect:

Living in your chapter house can be cheaper than living in the dorms and all your friends are around.

BLAINE ROSS, Evergreen columnist

January 25, 2018

Many prospective Cougs are naturally drawn to Greek Row, either because of the stories they’ve heard from their parents about their time in a fraternity or sorority, or because their parents told them not to go there. Either way, many students are intrigued by Greek life, so it’s important people...

Using cheap decor to furnish your first place

HOPE Center in Moscow is a local shop that offers furniture and decor.

Catherine Taylor, Evergreen reporter

January 25, 2018

With the upcoming craze that apartment and house-hunting season brings, it’s a perfect time to start collecting ideas for how you want to decorate your new home in the next school year. Current roommates Paige McQuaid and Emma Smith met through a mutual friend during their freshman year and instantly...

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