ASWSU cancels debate; one of three teams drop

Bylaw requires three parties be present in order for debate to be conducted

JAKOB THORINGTON, Former Evergreen reporter

One of the three ASWSU primary debate teams dropped out of the debate, canceling the event that was scheduled for Tuesday. 

Election Board Chair Sarah Gorrell said presidential and vice-presidential candidates Ayden Garland-Miner and Sam King-Shaw dropped out of the debate. 

According to one of the ASWSU bylaws, a primary debate must have three parties present in order to be conducted, Gorell said. 

She said the multicultural debate scheduled for March 5 is still on. The presidential and vice-presidential candidates will participate in that debate as well as the general election debate scheduled for March 8. 

General election voting will open March 10-11.

The other candidate teams consist of Kylie Waddill and Donavyn Velez-Fucal running against Curtis Cohen and Sean Doster.