Graffiti tag appears downtown again

Building owner must clean property according to city; officials can suggest options



The cleaned wall of the Combine Mall building on Main Street on Tuesday. Police say the perpetrator is unknown.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Former Evergreen reporter

The second appearance of a graffiti tag containing the word “SULK” was cleaned up in Pullman.

The most recent tag was on the West-facing wall of the Combine Mall building on Main Street. It appeared on Feb. 5.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Jake Opgenorth said the perpetrator — or perpetrators — behind each tag is still unknown. The department has received alerts only about the two sightings so far.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls on that graffiti that’s been visible from Main and Grand,” he said. “If anybody knows who did this, we’d like to have that information.”

The city has an ordinance requiring property owners to clean graffiti on their buildings. Jennifer Hackman, Pullman economic development manager, said it is the property owner’s obligation to clean it, although the city can provide advice on the best method to do so depending on the mark and building material.