County candidates file for election

Gary Libey is running unopposed for Judge Position 1; five people are running for Congressional District 5 U.S. Representative



Incumbent Art Swannack is running for a county commissioner position. Primary elections are on Aug. 4.

JAKOB THORINGTON, Former Evergreen reporter

A total of 49 county candidates have filed to run in the upcoming 2020 primary election on Aug. 4.

There are 38 offices available in Whitman County including Congress and state representatives, state senators, state supreme court and county commissioner positions, according to a Whitman County candidate list from the Washington Secretary of State. 

In the county, incumbent Gary Libey is running for Judge Position 1 for the Whitman County Superior Court. Incumbent Art Swannack, Tom Handy and incumbent Dean Kinzer are running for county commissioner positions.

Chris Armitage, Brendan O’ Regan, Stephen Major, Dave Wilson and incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers are running for Congressional District 5 U.S. Representative.

Armitage, a democratic candidate and an Air Force veteran, wants to provide people with the same things the Air Force provided to him: healthcare, housing, a living wage and a chance to determine one’s future, according to his campaign website.

Regan is running as an independent, according to the candidate list. 

Major, a Republican candidate for the U.S. representative position, said he is challenging Rep. McMorris Rodgers because he said he feels like the party is headed in the wrong direction.

“In the last 10 years particularly, I’m just looking at the party and I’m going ‘Man, we are just headed in the wrong direction,’” Major said. “I feel compelled to get involved.”

Dave Wilson, Spokane resident, is a democratic candidate, according to the candidate list. 

McMorris Rodgers has been in office since 2004, according to her campaign website. 

Brett Borden and incumbent Mary Dye are running for State Representative Position 1 for Legislative District 9. Incumbent Joe Schmick is running for State Representative Position 2.

Dye has served in the Washington State House of Representatives since 2015, according to her campaign website. 

Borden, a Pullman resident, said he noticed Dye was about to run unopposed and decided to file to give people a second option for the election.

“I did not expect to ever run for office,” Borden said. “Watching during filing week, nobody had filed except for the incumbents of Southeast Washington.”

Jenn Goulet and incumbent Mark Schoesler are running for State Senator of Legislative District 9.

The deadline to submit documents declaring candidacy was May 22.