The Coug shuts down after customer tests positive for COVID-19

Business taking measures to ensure employees are not infected



The Coug will be closed indefinitely after a customer was confirmed with having COVID-19.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

The Coug closed indefinitely after a customer tested positive for the virus.

Lance Lijewski, social media manager of The Coug, said the business shut down operations immediately and are taking measures behind the scenes to ensure employees did not contract the virus. 

The business does not anticipate opening until they feel comfortable in the safety of the bar and restaurant, he said.

“We decided to act quickly for the safety and health of our staff and customers,” Lijewski said.  

Policy at the business will not change, he said. This includes mandatory masks and sign-in sheets meant for direct contact tracing. 

Troy Henderson, director of Whitman County Public Health,  said he is glad to see a business like The Coug being “proactive” and preventing further cases by closing. 

As the U.S. experiences a surge in cases, Henderson said residents should be aware that everyone needs more personal space than they did four months ago.

“It’s prudent for individuals to maintain as much distance as they can,” Henderson said.

He said residents should remember to wear masks in public spaces, especially in businesses. 

Whitman County continues to face an uptick in coronavirus cases, with a recorded 36 positive cases as of June 26. There have been eight positive cases in the last 11 days.  

“We know we’re not going to be the last [business to have a case],” Lijewski said.

Henderson said he has not seen evidence that the protests in Pullman, or those nationally, have contributed to the surge in positive cases. Other reasons for the new cases could be “COVID fatigue,” he said, or the fact that many people are ready to socialize and support businesses. 

Officials at the Public Health Department are anticipating even more positive cases as students and employees return to Pullman for fall, Henderson said.