Pullman Transit releases safety rules to be implemented Monday

Maximum of 10-12 people allowed on bus; passengers must wear masks, sit in designated areas



Pullman Transit is limiting the amount of passengers allowed on buses to 10-12. Passengers must also sit only in designated areas.

BRADLEY GAMBLE, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Transit announced new rules promoting social distancing that will take effect July 6.

Buses will be limited to 10 passengers, according to a document listing the new guidelines. In cases where family members or couples are traveling together, 12 passengers is the maximum.

Passengers must sit in designated areas only, according to the document. Seats will be blocked off to promote social distancing. Standing is currently not allowed to ensure proper social distancing. 

Passengers must stay behind the second white line on the bus, according to the document. This line indicates they are six feet away from the driver.

Passengers are required to wear masks while riding the buses, according to the document. Masks and hand sanitizers are available to anyone who needs it upon asking the driver.

All passengers must exit the bus through the rear doors, according to the document. Anyone in need of the ramp or for the bus to be lowered must wait at the front door and ask the driver.

Fare payments have been discontinued to minimize possible contamination through handling currency, according to the document.

Pullman Transit Manager Wayne Thompson said there are no plans to add any more guidelines. However, they are working with bus manufacturers to allow only the rear doors to open.