Coug plates fund leadership scholarships

WSU Alumni Association raised $673,000 through Department of Licensing program



The WSU Alumni Association started selling Cougar license plates to raise funds for scholarships in 2007.

SANDI KOBIESA, Multimedia editor

WSUs Cougar license plate program raised over $673,000 for WSU scholarships this fiscal year.

The WSU Alumni Association funds an in-state leadership scholarship through the license plate distribution. 

The Alumni Association Leadership Award is given to students with a 3.3 GPA or higher, according to the Alumni Association website. Students can earn up to $5,000. 

Students distinguish themselves through leadership skills and excellent academics, according to the website.

“All the proceeds must go to students. Cougar plates are an easy way to support student scholarships and, of course, show Cougar pride,” said Kelly Brantner, WSU Alumni Association director of membership and marketing. 

The program was created in 2007 and has since raised over $7.3 million in scholarship money. People wanted to show their Cougar pride, and the plates let everyone see that they love WSU, Brantner said. 

With the funds being generated by the Washington State Department of Licensing, the scholarships can only be offered to in-state students, she said. 

“We appreciate all the Cougs that have already purchased a license plate. Showing the Cougar spirit through these plates is not only an excellent way of showing off our school, but it will make your car look better and warm your heart by supporting scholarships at the same time,” Brantner said. 

There are over 22,000 active WSU license plates in the state. The fee for the plate is $28, which goes directly to the students. Any additional fees go to the DOL, according to the website.

Anyone is welcome to purchase a WSU license plate, Brantner said, and it is not just exclusive to alumni and current students.

Tim Pavish, executive director of the WSU Alumni Association, said the Cougar plate is the easiest way to represent the school. 

“WSU alumni and friends love to show their Cougar spirit,” Pavish said. “The license plate program enables them to do that while also benefiting WSU students at the same time.”

Tyler Slade, senior civil engineering major, said he has had a cougar plate since he started driving, and his family has them as well. 

“Coug plates are an easy way to show my support to the best college in the state,” Slade said.