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Ask Life: How to stay connected with alma mater after graduating?

Join alumni networks, revisit campus and give back
You are still part of the Coug community even after graduation.

Dear Life Section,

I am finally graduating this week and am excited to enter the next phase of life. However, I am wondering what resources are available for alumni and how to access them.

I also want some tips on how to stay in contact with classmates and professors after leaving college.


Graduating Senior


Dear Graduating Senior,

As you stride confidently into your next chapter, consider your alma mater as not just a past chapter but a lifelong resource for growth, support and community.

Join an alumni network like the Alumni Association, a community with over 45,000 members. The Alumni Association provides an opportunity to connect with former classmates, provide professional insights, and discover various job opportunities.

Following CougsFirst! is also a great way to stay connected. CougsFirst! is a business network that encourages students to prioritize fellow WSU students for products, services and job opportunities.

CougsFirst! also conducts various career expo events that can help expose you to potential employers and make connections in your field of interest.

In the digital world, it is easier than ever to stay connected with classmates and professors. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to maintain professional connections. A simple email or message on an update can ignite a meaningful conversation with a former mentor or classmate.

Keep in touch with academic advisers and professors by visiting campus. This can be a chance to reconnect, update your mentors on your professional achievements, seek advice and learn more about current opportunities.

Join alumni groups on Facebook for casual updates, networking and news. Alumni Travel Programs also provide discounts at many national hotel chains and car rental services.

Alumni publications can provide a lot of information about ongoing campus developments and upcoming events. You can also contribute your own stories or updates to share with your fellow graduates.

You can opt to volunteer for various events on campus; this is a great way to give back to your alma mater.

The Academic Success and Career Center offers resume assistance and job postings even after graduating, which will help you learn more about the opportunities available to you.

You may also look for Cougars communities or help form one in your area. Cougars are all over the country, and finding a community can also provide a sense of belonging.

By incorporating these strategies in your post-college life, you can deepen your engagement with your alma mater and foster meaningful connections with fellow alumni.


The Life Section

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