College dean volunteers with group that promotes school-based counseling

Dean’s plans include implementing counseling in 90 countries



Mike Trevisan, dean of WSU’s College of Education, said he plans to coordinate a meeting with school counselors from different countries to create school-based counseling programs.

TRINITY WILLSEY, Evergreen reporter

The dean for WSU’s College of Education was nominated for a chair-elect position in which he will volunteer with a group that promotes school-based counseling.

Mike Trevisan, dean of WSU’s College of Education, was nominated by a member of the International Society for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling for the chair-elect position.

Trevisan plans to coordinate a meeting with school counselors from different countries, he said. This will help the organization’s policymakers develop new ideas.

There are currently 90 countries working to create some form of school-based counseling, but most countries lack counseling programs, Trevisan said. It will require commitment, strategizing and communication for countries to create successful school-based counseling programs. It is an investment, he said.

Trevisan said he has traveled all over the world to host workshops for school counselors and policymakers in Thailand, Japan, Korea, Dinah, Italy and Greece.

“Education is the key. It’s the thing that opens the door for people,” Trevisan said. “Doing [school-based counseling] internationally is really important — it’s a way to be an ambassador for the U.S. to the world.”

Trevisan said his background in educational psychology helped him develop and implement school counseling programs for K-12 students.

Counseling programs are necessary for students struggling with suicide and depression, Trevisan said. It is vital for schools to monitor their students’ learning progress and help them overcome obstacles keeping them from learning.

Counseling is going to be extremely important after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Trevisan said. It will be vital for students to have access to counseling after being isolated for so long.

Trevisan said he co-wrote the book, “Program Evaluation in School Counseling: Improving Comprehensive and Developmental Programs,” with John C. Carey. The book is for school counselors seeking guidance and students studying school-based counseling.

Trevisan ran against two other people for the chair-elect position and received over 50 percent of the votes, said ISPRESC chair Oyaziwo Aluede.

Trevisan is very competent and involved with the organization, Aluede said.

 “We are going to work together to bring school counseling forward,” Trevisan said.