Councilmembers raise property taxes by 1 percent

City budget will be approved Dec. 5; councilmembers encourage increasing tourism in Pullman



Councilmember Eileen Macoll said she wants to emphasize economic growth and helping small businesses.

SYDNEY BROWN, Evergreen reporter

Pullman City councilmembers unanimously passed an ordinance that will raise property taxes by 1 percent and bring in around $67,000 more for the city than last year’s property taxes, during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Mike Urban, Pullman director of finance and administrative services, said the property tax would amount to about $4 more for a $250,000 property homeowner than last year. 

The council raised the property tax levy by 1 percent for the metropolitan parks district and emergency medical services. 

The council also discussed renewing and revising the city’s contract with the Pullman Chamber of Commerce. 

Jennifer Hackman, economic development manager, said the department wants to set aside a $4,000 commitment to hire a marketing professional and increase economic recovery in Pullman. 

Councilmember Eileen Macoll said she wanted to reconsider the contract with the chamber because she wants to emphasize economic growth and help small businesses. She said the city has saved money in other areas.

“This is an area where I think we need to be expansive,” Macoll said. 

Macoll said some money from the civic improvement fund — headed by the Pullman Chamber of Commerce — can be used for more expensive marketing resources. Councilmembers Brandon Chapman and Al Sorensen agreed that money should be used to initiate tourism in Pullman. 

Councilmember Pat Wright said the city finance department would not have enough time to review and revise the contract with the chamber in time for time budget approval, which will be on Dec. 5. 

“It’s an evolving storyline right now,” Councilmember Dan Records said. 

The council voted to have the finance department present possible amendments to the contract with the Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 1. 

The council voted to allow the building of a wireless communications facility at the Wawawai water tank at 1885 SW Barclay Ridge Dr. “in order to enhance their service by increasing their coverage footprint, thereby providing service to additional areas they currently are unable to,” according to the meeting agenda.