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Letter to the editor: The importance of local politics

September 30, 2015

Dear editor,Between fake hair and feeling the Bern, it’s easy to lose focus on the much less exciting realm of local politics.The impact of homegrown policymaking is likely to have a much more direct effect on your life than the issues being discussed on CNN.The Evergreen State is one of the best examp...

Letter to the editor: nuclear power, replace fossil fuels

Andrew Cannon | Evergreen contributor

September 29, 2015

This presidential campaign, even environmentally conscious candidates like Bernie Sanders have failed to put forward detailed plans to combat climate change.Although vague promises to reduce emissions are effective on the campaign trial, any serious plan to reduce America’s carbon emissions must in...

Letter to the editor: response to Marxist Millennials

James Bonner | Senior biochemistry and microbiology major

September 18, 2015

In his Sept. 15th article, Tyler Laferriere lambasts millennials’ “moronic love affair with Marxism,” and writes that he cannot take his Marxist peers seriously. To support this sweeping dismissal, Laferriere accuses millennial Marxists of overlooking the wealth “brought to all [by capitalism] i...

Letter to the editor: attack on planned parenthood is act of cowardice

Nathan D. Weller | Pullman City councilmember

September 17, 2015

The attack on Planned Parenthood in Pullman was an act of cowardice. If you disagree with the principles of an institution, you should do it in an honest and non-violent fashion. Difference of opinions or beliefs does not give someone the right to destroy property.I am Nathan Weller, a member of the P...

Letter to the Editor: Pullman’s trash, no one’s treasure

Katie Anderson | Community member

August 21, 2015

Dear editor,It’s cool that the mayor has offered a warm welcome to Pullman for incoming students, but maybe other year-round citizens need to offer a different kind of welcome, one that begs students not to completely trash the city—literally—during their stay.Another school year at WSU is about...

Letter to the Editor: Animal testing

Evergreen contributor

May 27, 2015

The column on animal testing in Thursday’s Evergreen showed ignorance on the practices and results of that process to help people and animals.Experimental animals are not tortured: they are protected from as much pain as possible. They are well fed and held in comfortable quarters. They are anesthetized during surgery and ha...

Letter to the editor: Dividing community

SOPHIA STEPHENS | Community member

April 24, 2015

Dear editor,My name is Sophia Stephens, an undergraduate student at Washington State University with multiple community positions: TA, writing consultant and former Orientation Counselor.I found Christopher Gambino’s column, “Protecting Community,” highly problematic. This is a very thinly veiled c...

Letter to the editor: Qualifications, not quotas

April 16, 2015

Editor,I am disappointed with the article titled "Now hiring women in government" posted Tuesday April 14. I agree with your statements that the US needs more women in politics. However, I drastically disagree on how to obtain that goal. Women don't deserve anything but positions that they earned, the sam...

Letter to the Editor: President Floyd

March 12, 2015

Dear Daily Evergreen,It has been several years since I have felt compelled to write for or to this publication that at one point I was a columnist for. However the "Wake up Wazzu" article published today left me compelled to say a few things.I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Dr. Fl...

Letter to the Editor: No Endorsement

March 10, 2015

Editor,We are disappointed that this newspaper has declined to make an endorsement in the upcoming ASWSU elections. The Daily Evergreen has a long history of endorsing a ticket, telling students why one set of candidates is preferable to another. What’s more, with engagement in student elections near...

Letter to the editor: Excellent food writing


February 3, 2015

I want to commend Pirom Phadoemchit, The Daily Evergreen Food and Wine Columnist. He has raised the bar for food reporting this year with recipes for healthy, interesting, from-scratch food, with clear, understandable directions.Phadoemchit even tackled making stock. His columns would be at home in the We...

Letter to the editor: column on Iran misinformed and misguided

Letter to the editor

June 18, 2014

Editor:The Summer Evergreen recently published a column titled “Once a liar, always a liar: Iran can't be trusted.” It contains instances of incorrect information, contradictions and inconsistent reasoning that call into question the credibility of the columnist to the point of making the column a sen...

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