Pullman PD responded to about 20 collisions last week

Bicyclist sustained minor injuries in a collision; community members advised to drive slowly



The Pullman Police Department is advising the public to avoid steep hills and only drive when necessary.

ABBY DAVIS, Evergreen copy chief

The Pullman Police Department responded to about 20 collisions since Feb. 8 due to the snowy weather.

None of the collisions were fatal. Pullman PD Sgt. Chris Engle said the number of crashes is fairly low despite the weather.

Pullman PD responded to four reports Monday morning concerning stuck vehicles, he said. Officers also helped people out if they came across anyone snowed-in. 

“The snow has been something else,” Engle said.


One bicyclist went to the hospital after sustaining minor injuries in a collision Feb. 11, he said.

The accident happened near Northeast Terre View Drive and Hopkins Court. Engle said a vehicle pulled in front of the bicyclist, who was going downhill

Engle said people should drive slowly and make sure their tires are in good condition. Avoiding steep hills and finding a flat route is also important. 

“Don’t drive unless you have to,” he said.