Southside Cafe offers wide array of food that is sure to please

Cafe next to Gannon-Goldsworthy, McEachern halls; stands strong among dining options on campus



Bibimbap from Southside Cafe

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

After eating some delicious Einstein Bros. Bagels last week, I have already started to explore other delicious spots around Pullman and Moscow, some at the recommendation of readers.

With classes starting this week, I have decided to review another on-campus option for dining, Southside Cafe, or perhaps more popularly known as the Southside Dining Hall.

As the name might imply, Southside Cafe is located squarely within the confines of the south side of campus. Traveling northeast on Stadium Way, one can spot the dining hall located between Gannon-Goldsworthy and McEachern halls. The dining hall’s location offers a convenient spot to eat for students on the south side of campus.

It is only a few minutes walk from the dorms. The dining hall itself is located on the top floor of a building, while a student market is located on the ground floor. Of the three dining halls on campus, Southside Cafe is the largest, offering more seating than either of the other dining centers.

Beyond simply being the largest, Southside Cafe also offers a wide selection of food. There have certainly been days in my college career where I have wanted to just eat pizza for a few days.

Other days I am looking for a bit of variety or craving something I have not tried before. Southside Cafe can cater to either of those whims every day. The dining hall serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has unique options for each meal that rotate on a daily or weekly basis.

As we are now moving into classes, I wanted to highlight some of the breakfast and lunch options. Southside Cafe can either be a place to sit down and enjoy some bacon and scrambled eggs or a good checkpoint to grab a breakfast sandwich on the way to the class you are late to.

Either way, my favorite part of the breakfast offerings is the juice bar with a variety that can satisfy my morning sweet tooth.

Lunch and dinner are close mirrors of each other, with the dining options broken up into stations. I will give a short summary of each station to help contextualize the number of options offered. The Big Cat Grille offers menu items like hamburgers, chicken strips, fries and vegetarian options like the Gardein Black Bean Burger. At the Subs & Wraps station, you can build your own sandwich or wrap just the way you like it.

Next is the Stonewall Pizza area, where a few different pizza options are offered. I always make sure to shake some red pepper flakes onto my pizza. The Natural Area usually offers some variety of stir fry or pasta, which they cook right in front of you with your add-ons and specifications in mind.

My favorite station is Chef’s Creation, where a variety of food is showcased. Bibimbap is one of my favorites. Among other things, there is a bakery area, fruit and salad bar and a place to grab some ice cream. Besides the regular menu items, there are some options offered that change by the day.

Southside Cafe offers a great place to stop between classes for a quick bite or as a good reward at the end of the day for a sit-down meal. With a 40-percent discount at the dining halls, any of the dining halls are an affordable option if you have RDA. With Southside Cafe’s variety, it is always delicious!